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The Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG harvest opens with optimistic predictions

It has officially begun the Prosecco DOCG Val D’Oca harvest: in the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, the tractors are filled with the grapes of the 600 member farmers, ready for processing. The manual harvest of Prosecco Superiore DOCG began on Monday 15 September in the banks of Colbertaldo and, probably, will continue more slowly until the end of the month, in the other shores as the grapes are still ripening.

This year the conditions of the vines are particularly good: no crop has been affected by downy mildew, a serious disease caused by a fungus, or by botrytis, mold caused by a pathogen. To date, moreover, only 50 hectares hit by hail, with losses of around 30%. All this makes us hope for an excellent year, which will offer Spumante and Prosecco Superiore of high quality, enough to allow for 20% more production compared to the 2017 harvest (a vintage that should be mentioned as poor due to the low fertility of the buds and further decimated by the late April frost). “We are pleased with how the first part of the harvest is going” – commented the general director Aldo Franchi. “We are grateful to nature, which this year has given us a good fertility of the vine. Most likely this year we will reach the record of conferring grapes, about 160.00 quintals. An important share, which will bring our Prosecco to the tables, a wine recognized among the best in the world, an expression of our beloved territory, guaranteed in quality from the vine to the bottle. “.



Primitivo di Manduria: grows Docg dolce naturale and Riserva Dop

Satisfaction for the Protection Consortium

The Primitivo di Manduria grows and grows in all its variants: Primitivo di Manduria Dop, Primitivo di Manduria Riserva Dop e Primitivo di Manduria dolce naturale Docg .

Almost 13 million liters, equivalent to just over 17 million bottles, of which 70% are exported, for an estimated value of around 100 million euros (domestic consumption of around 30 million euros and abroad of around 70 millions of euros). An increase of 13.87% compared to 2016 which once again confirms the supremacy of great doc in the major markets of the world.

These are the actual numbers of the year 2017 for Primitivo di Manduria. In particular, the DOP represents 91.2% of the entire bottled, the 8.1% Reserve and the natural sweet DOCG 0.7%.

The novelty concerns the increase for the DOCG (first DOCG in Puglia) and for the Reserve.

In 2017, about 95 thousand liters of Docg were bottled, equivalent to about 127 thousand bottles with an increase of 33.45% compared to the previous year.

In the sector Primitivo di Manduria Riserva Dop there was a sector growth of 24.27% compared to 2016 for a total of just over one million liters equivalent to almost one and a half million bottles. Data that support the “premiumization” process of Primitivo di Manduria, ie consumers tend to prefer more expensive bottles perceived as higher quality.

The Primitivo di Manduria Dop also grew by 12.90% for a total of almost 12 million liters, equal to about 16 million bottles.

The Primitivo di Manduria is no longer a novelty, but a pillar of the wine industry not only in Puglia but also in Italy. – says satisfied Roberto Erario, president of the Consortium for the protection of Primitivo di Manduria – It is a wine that knows no crisis, especially abroad with an important exploit on all markets “.

We have won new members, – continues Erario – the Consortium currently boasts 46 wineries and bottling companies and over 900 winemakers. The promotion and communication projects are becoming fundamental to make our wines and the territory that expresses them abroad known. Soon, for example, the machine of the great Primitivo Taste Experience project – Il Primitivo di Manduria in Chinese and American glasses conceived by us consists of incoming activities and participation in foreign fairs. A good bet on our identity that today is increasingly a distinctive element of the Puglia brand. Ours is a rich, flourishing and growing territory and I would like to thank all the companies, both the big and the small ones, who produce this wonderful doc with sacrifice and passion “.

But who drinks Primitivo di Manduria?

The Primitivo di Manduria is the Apulian doc that is part of the Top five of the most exported wines with a turnover of around 100 million euros, especially loved by the X generation (37 – 57 years). Present all over the world.
The final consumer of Primitivo di Manduria in general is a career man, cultured and refined who loves to consume wine from Puglia inspired by the behavior of “luxury”. He drinks it during an important business dinner, to celebrate an anniversary or during a marriage proposal. Normally he chooses it for the perfect harmony between body and taste.

46% of consumers are women. It is estimated that almost half of the turnover obtained from the sale of the product in Italy and abroad is given by the women’s market. He chooses it for his unmistakable bouquet: rich, complex, ample and fruity, with notes of Mediterranean scrub.

The senses are exacerbated and very sensitive to the minimum effluvium and the female palate discovers subtlety that that of men ignores. Women drink little but well, less quantity but more quality so they choose Primitivo di Manduria.

The release of Masseto 2015 is imminent


Perfect harvest conditions have resulted in a great vintage


Masseto is pleased to announce the release of the eagerly awaited 2015 vintage on October 1, 2018.  Considered to be among the most coveted vintages ever produced by Masseto, Masseto 2015 is impressive, sumptuous and silky, and decisively Mediterranean in character.

The 2015 vintage presented an ideal growing season in Bolgheri,and saw the ever magical balance between power and elegance that defines Masseto. In the vineyard, vines benefitted from the unique elements which come into play each year on the Masseto hill. The climate, the presence of the blue clay in the soils, the interaction of the marine influence and the constant, tender care of our workers.

The development of the vines until the summer of 2015 was normal, but a very hot, dry July risked a temporary shut-down in their ripening. But luck would have it that cooler temperatures and some rain came in mid-August, enabling the grapes to conclude ripening at their own pace and under the best conditions. Fundamental to this was the marine influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea – producing cooler sea breezes and a magnified intensity of light, especially towards the end of the day, – which accompanied the grapes to a perfect ripening and ensured ideal temperatures during harvest.

“Vintage 2015 will go down in Masseto’s history as one of the great vintages,” noted Axel Heinz – Masseto Estate Director & Winemaker. “The almost textbook-like growing conditions produced a wine with a perfect balance between a mature, yet complex, aromatic expression of great freshness and a rare quality of ample, silky and smooth tannins. The dark and intense color is followed by a rich aroma with hints of fully ripe red fruit and spicy, balsamic and cocoa notes. In the mouth, it becomes sensual and rich, with great density and an ample and perfectly smooth tannin. The fruity notes are balanced by the spicy flavor of wood; its fresh and vivid final taste comes to a close with a hint of cocoa. Given the greatness of the vintage this is a wine which will go on developing over decades to come.”

As with previous vintages of Masseto, the 2015 release will come equipped with a Prooftag™ on the neck of each bottle, guaranteeing authenticity and provenance.


Ornellaia: beginning of the harvest

After already two weeks of white wine harvest, this 31 August, harvest of the red grapes has started in Ornellaia.

A rainy spring that has required solid nerves to keep up with explosive vine growth and high risk of disease, but rewarded us with excellent fruit set and even development of the grapes. Summer has not been short of sunny weather and high temperatures, with just enough rain to prevent from any drought. Ripening has been even without any rush, allowing us to kick off at a normal date for Ornellaia. Next week is expected to bring cooler temperatures to hopefully create ideal conditions for a harvest that should last for all of September and should finish the first days of October for the latest ripening varieties.


Axel Heinz – Estate Director and winemaker Ornellaia

September is the “Wine Month” in California

©Visit California

The Golden State wine regions such as Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles are famous all over the world for their prized locally produced bottles.

But it is only a small portion of the wine production, which is carried out in the entire state, from Siskiyou County, to the north, to the Cucamonga Valley in southern California. In fact, 49 of the 58 Californian counties are, in fact, cultivated vines and the perfect event to celebrate its importance, regardless of which part of the State you are visiting, is the California Wine Month, organized during the entire month of September, from 2004.
In fact, some of the most famous vines are found, on average, a couple of hours drive from the main metropolitan areas, including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

©Visit California


The California Wine Month is an initiative that affects the whole of California and that coincides with the month of the harvest, providing tastings, festivals, concerts, tours and menus of the best chefs and winemakers, rigorously accompanied by tasty local wines.

Among the most suggestive experiences planned for the Wine Month in California, it is possible to taste different qualities of wine, but also give a hand in the production of grape must, visit suggestive family cellars, have the opportunity to meet the leading experts and winemakers and enjoy special tours aboard a tractor or wagon in the vineyard.

The Golden State produces an average of 85% of US wine production, and during these celebrations, visitors are invited to try out everything the different Californian wine regions have to offer.

Viña Ventisquero launches exclusive wine for Brazil


Chilean winery creates grape blend exclusively for the Brazilian market.

This Product results from more than a decade of working with the Ventisquero labels in Brazil

The Chilean winery Viña Ventisquero announces the launch of an exclusive label for Brazil: the new Red Blend Reserve. Elaborated especially for the palate of the Brazilian connoisseurs, the wine is a novelty in the category Red Blend, whose consumption has been increasing in the Country.

With different grapes in their composition, the wines of reds mixes bring the expressions of each of their strains harmonized with each other. In the case of the Red Blend Reserve Ventisquero, the “blend” – the blend – resulted in the perfect balance of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes. Dark ruby ​​in color, it is fruity and brings touch of spice, well aligned with the palate of the Brazilian who ventures into the world of wines and prefers lighter and less acidic drinks.

Complementing the already famous Ventisquero Reserva line in Brazil, the new Red Blend is a toast to our palate and the defiant spirit of the winery, which is stamped on the label when bringing a human climbing a mountain. Guided by the vanguard in the elaboration of wines, it expanded the limits of the wine map in Chile when elaborating reds and whites in the Atacama Desert. The brand is also recognized for proposing innovative mixes and for venturing into different terroirs experiencing possibilities and contributing to the development of the wine industry in the New World.
“Cantu Importadora and our partnership with Viña Ventisquero celebrate 15 years in 2018. It was from more than a decade of work with the Chilean labels in Brazil that we identified the preferences of Brazilians when choosing a wine. The modern and courageous profile of Cantu and Ventisquero made it possible for us to think about this product and reach the result that we present exclusively to Brazil, “summarizes Peterstu Cantu, director of Cantu, which brings the wines from the Chilean winery to the country.
The new Reserva Red Blend comes from the Maipo Valley, recognized as the site of Chile’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, the launching base grape. The combination of the selected strains – which bring their main characteristics to the wine – widens the range of harmonizations, making the label the perfect company for dishes with chicken, cheese and pasta.

1875 Casa Valduga liquor red wine

10 years of aging, maturation in French oak.

Carrying in the name the year that Famiglia Valduga arrived in Brazil, a launch to make history.

Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this wine presents remarkable complexity and elegance. Notes of ripe fruits, plum and spices, along with nuances of tobacco and cocoa, form a fine bouquet and great wealth. A wine of great structure, which generously expresses the maximum potential of each variety.
Adequate phenolic maturation and rigorous selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes have given rise to this amazing liqueur. After harvest, the grapes were submitted to a natural dehydration, alcoholic fermentation, wine alcohol addition and maturation of 6 years in oak barrels.
In addition to the indicated harmonies can also be enjoyed alone, at the end of a meal.
Perfect with desserts such as tiramissú, chocolates with high concentration of cocoa, dried fruits and blue cheeses.

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