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Torres Vedras/Alenquer European wine city 2018

Torres Vedras and Alenquer represent two Denominations of Origin (DOC) of the Lisbon region, possessing a strong tradition in the culture of the vine and the wine, that is maintained and defended. Wine and wine tourism are central to the economic development of the region, both through the production of numerous high quality wines, nationally and internationally recognized, as well as investments in tourist units that add to the wine production a high added value tourist component.

Territory (s) of secular winemaking tradition, Torres Vedras and Alenquer involve their resources, dynamics, infrastructures, equipment and services, with the main objective of fostering synergies with the economic agents of both municipalities.

In addition to its history and cultural heritage, Torres Vedras and Alenquer build a common future through a shared strategic vision in areas such as economic activity, especially wine production, adaptation to climate change and sustainability.

In short, Torres Vedras and Alenquer are a territory united by the past and the future, making sense in the present to assume, with responsibility and commitment, the challenge of being EUROPEAN WINE CITY, sharing the mission and vision of this initiative created by RECEVIN to promote a global economic activity that unites a vast set of cities, regions and countries of a constantly growing Europe.
About the “European Wine City”

The European Wine Cities Network, RECEVIN advanced in 2012 with the annual “European Wine City” competition, within the context of the defense and dissemination of tourism.

This competition is a unique opportunity for wine cities with a European vision to promote the development of the wealth, diversity and common resources of wine culture at European level, offering a better knowledge of the landscape, economy and gastronomy, for a better mutual understanding between the citizens of the European Union.


ÉvoraWine gathers 40 producers and more than 200 Wines of Alentejo

The fifth edition of ÉvoraWine, dedicated to wine lovers, is scheduled for 2 and 3 June, with the presence of 40 producers and more than 200 Alentejo wines for tasting. See here the list of wineries that will be participating.

The event, which is presented as “a true showcase for Wines of Alentejo”, will take place in Praça do Giraldo in Évora and aims to make visitors aware of the best in the Alentejo, from wines, olive oils and other regional products .
The event, according to the promoters, also helps wine producers in the region to promote the new vintages and for visitors to contact producers and winemakers and taste Wines of Alentejo.

In addition to tidbits and musical entertainment, the initiative has commented tastings, initiation courses, debates, showcookings and workshops. Check here the program for the two days.

The initiative counts on several supports, among them of the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission, Regional Entity of Tourism of Alentejo and Ribatejo and Évora City Hall.