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Goccia Umbra, ancient genuineness

Umbria, land of millenary traditions regarding the olive and the grapevine cultivation since the Etruscan Era. Here the Brand Goccia Umbra was founded in 1988 with the aim to create a genuine  and superior quality extra virgin olive oil. Year after year the company enlarges its products variety and starts to export abroad the Italian tradition’s excellences.

Today, Goccia Umbra aims to bring the undisputed quality of Italian food products to consumer tables, in particular the extra virgin olive oil, a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet,obtained directly from the olives through mechanical procedures of cold pressing. The olives used are from three different cultivars: moraiolo, frantoio and leccino.

Moreover balsamic vinegar of Modena, acacia honey with white truffle, pecorino cheese with acacia honey and sliced truffle, mustard, onion’s mousse complete the company’s quality proposals.

Goccia Umbra is a company that has been able to combine the rediscovery of the oldest traditions of cultivation and processing of olives with new technologies, maintaining the authenticity and fragrance of the past.

November flavors: the new olive oil by Tenuta di Trecciano

On the typical red clay soil, a medieval villa and 22 hectares of vineyards and olive groves this is Tenuta di Trecciano.

In the Chianti Senese 22 hectares of Vineyards and Olive groves, laying in a beautiful valley with the typical red clay soil. The territory is rich in ancient churches and castles, that represent an important heritage to be protected, and where man’s economic activity has been able to respect the natural environment.

Olive oil is an ever-present food on the tables of Italians and, just like wine, depending on the production areas, can be characterized by a wide variety of quality. To better and fully appreciate its value, it is important to know its origin and also how it is produced.

Tenuta di Trecciano let us discover olive oil, starting with its history and typical Tuscan olive varieties.


In all the Mediterranean basin civilizations, the olive tree has always been considered a sacred tree and the oil extracted from its fruits was used not only as food but also for religious and ritual purposes: Egyptians it considered it as a gift from the gods; through trade the Phoenicians help spread the production throughout various territories, calling it “liquid gold”; the Greeks and the Romans used it for medicinal purposes and as fuel in the votive lamps; the Jews used it to “flatter” their King, Christians have always used it in important rites. Olive oil represents one of the fundamental products of Mediterranean agriculture, of undeniable nutritional value for its chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics that are highlighted when using it as a dressing/seasoning.

Tuscan Olive varieties

Each oil is bound to its own territory, and thus is a synthesis of each native varietal of olive from which it is produced. There are hundreds of varieties of olives, for oil, for food or for both. They come in different shapes and sizes, each may be characterized by a different ratio between pulp and seed and therefore contain different quantities of oil, on average ranging between 10 to 16%. The trees’ productivity depends on several climatic and cultivation style factors, which also help determine the production in its two-year cycle.
Here at the Tenuta di Trecciano we cultivate the most typical Tuscan varieties: FrantoioMoraioloLeccino and Pendolino.

“Le creve” Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP

The Paolo Forelli’s philosophy, the founder of Oleificio Le Creve from Garda lake, is to maintain the natural link between man and its territory and to respect the nature, continuing the cultivation of ancient olive trees olive oil from Garda and activities as they did in past centuries.

The olives of the cultivar “casaliva“, growing in the Lake Garda microclimate which gives them a unique flavor, delicate and elegant with different shades of light to medium fruity recalling especially the almond green feeling characteristic of the territory, also to taste the noble bitter delicate and spicy aftertaste refer to production latitude their balance and their harmony.

Malcesine is one of the northernmost areas of Europe where olive trees grow and then given the frequent harsh weather conditions the number of plants per hectare is very low. These characteristics and the old plants, give the oil a unique and rare taste.

Taste: fruity, bitter light, medium spicy. The colour of the oil Le Creve goes from light green to dark green with colour change over time toward more golden tones. Its acidity is contained within very low values for your attention in collecting and crushing the day the olives.

Specialized type of farming, harvesting: Beating or hand picking; Extraction Method: Continuous cycle in three phases

Food pairing: The olive oil Le Creve is recommended raw on the cheese plateau and bruschetta, cooked and raw on pasta dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, on grilled meats and vegetables. It is delicate even with fish.

 Oil Le Creve is an  extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. and has a large variety of awards and recognitions.

Avignonesi, Genuine olive oil of the Mediterranean

We are in the hills between the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana. This is an ideal place for the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil. Avignonesi owns 1470 olive trees, and in 2016 they produced 1490 litres of certified organic extra virgin olive oil, all processed in their own olive mill.


They pick olives in the sunny hours of the day, manually and with the use of facilitators. The olives are then transported directly to olive mill at La Selva Estate where they are washed and processed the same day. The crushing system runs on discs, which helps reduce trauma to the olives and thereby conserves more of the properties of the fruit itself. The olive paste is then kneaded into liquid in the malaxing system, a slow mixing in which the olive paste is gradually heated, allowing for the oil to be extracted. The last main stage is clarification, in which any remaining water and olive residue is removed from the oil using a centrifuge. The new olive oil is finally lightly filtered with cardboard filters.

Tasting notes

Yellow in colour with lively greenish hues, the 2016 extra virgin olive oil reveals delicate aromas of fresh, green grass and artichokes. Silky smooth, round and nutty on your tongue, with a slightly spicy finish.

This olive oil is organic and cold pressed.


Natural strength – Extra virgin olive oil

The 46th parallel marks the northernmost area with an olive-growing tradition in the world – the northern Lake Garda area in Trentino – and Casaliva is its main native variety.

The northern Lake Garda area in Trentino is an outdoor recreation destination where all types of outdoor sports can be enjoyed.46° Parallelo single-varietal oil was designed for all of the sports enthusiasts who visit and experience our region. The extra virgin olive oil made by Cantina Frantoio is made based on the modern concept of heightening the integrity of each production stage to enhance the oil’s health benefits and appeal. The olives are grown in select orchards, harvested at an early stage of maturity and immediately cold extracted using a water-saving, three-phase system.


Soil type: very shallow, medium-textured, somewhat calcareous. Altitude a.s.l.:200 – 350m. The olive variety is exclusively Casaliva. The harvesting method consist of primarily picked by hand at an early stage of maturity. In the extraction method, the olives are cold extracted using a continuous three-phase system.calcarea.


The colour is golden green with good clarity. The aroma has medium-intense fruity, strictly  green with distinct herbaceous notes reminiscent of rocket and artichoke and hints of green almond, as well as pine nut and green apple. The flavour initially is balanced with a delicate bitterness, it reveals a distinct spicy structure that accompanies renewed flavour sensations and finishes with an appealing mineral note.


When used in the right amount, it heightens rather than overwhelms the flavour of foods. It is delicious with local salted meat products and on sliced steak and thinly sliced raw beef.

Terre rosse, extraordinary extra virgin olive oil from Azienda Agraria Hispellum


Umbria, east of Tuscany and west of the Marche region, produces some of the best olive oils in Italy. This region has hilly terrain and great climate for growing olives. In this landscape the Azienda Agraria Hispellum produces the extra virgin olive oil Terre Rosse.

For the agricoltural company the production of Terre Rosse is a clear expression of culture, it’s values traditions, principles, passion for the land and for its products.

The Olives are hand picked, then loaded in aired containers and brought to the mill where are stored prior to the pressing away from heat in a temperature between 14 and 20 degrees C.

The process of pressing is carefully performed within six hours from the harvest in cold conditions. The oil is then stored in stainless steel containers, in a modified environment (Nitrogen).

The Azienda Hispellum is a real “craftsmen of oil”. They distribute oil under their own brand and use only oil derived from their own olives for a guaranty of genuineness with a complete traceability.

The color is green with golden yeallow tones. The fragrance is definitely intense and penetrating with a herbal hints and reminds of artichoke. The Taste denotes a strong personality. It is an explosion of fruity flavour and spicy tones with a strong full-bodied.

This olive oil is ideal with savory foods (bruschetta, grilled meats, roasts, vegetable soup, grilled mushrooms, pasta and beans, spinach, boiled and sauteed with oil and garlic, etc. ) and dishes with a marked feeling like potatoes or leeks or onions soups.


Al “Podere del Viandante” Blend Olive Oil

The farm “Al Podere del Viandante” rises near the ancient route that winds along the watersheds of the mountain of Chianti: a road of Etruscan origin connected Florence to Rome. We are in the water’s and castles valley, sheltered from woody vegetation, with little tilled zones surrounded by rich undergrowth of Mediterranean bush. This is a typical zone for the Apiculture practiced in the last centuries by the monks of “Badia Monte Scalari” yet and carried on today by the farm with natural method.

The quality product strictly kept to the tradition of these places is the Blend Olive Oil that the farm produces with methods of biological cultivation, obtained from a various mix of typical olives of the territory by using a mechanical squeezing cold process. The land prevailingly argillaceous gives persistent accents of aftertaste and intense fruity aromas and heady.

The Blend Olive Oil

Obtained by a mixture of various kind of olives, this Olive Oil has green colour with golden yellow tones.

The perfume is mildly spicy flavor profile with hints of artichoke. It is Ideal for all types of courses.