Natural strength – Extra virgin olive oil

The 46th parallel marks the northernmost area with an olive-growing tradition in the world – the northern Lake Garda area in Trentino – and Casaliva is its main native variety.

The northern Lake Garda area in Trentino is an outdoor recreation destination where all types of outdoor sports can be enjoyed.46° Parallelo single-varietal oil was designed for all of the sports enthusiasts who visit and experience our region. The extra virgin olive oil made by Cantina Frantoio is made based on the modern concept of heightening the integrity of each production stage to enhance the oil’s health benefits and appeal. The olives are grown in select orchards, harvested at an early stage of maturity and immediately cold extracted using a water-saving, three-phase system.


Soil type: very shallow, medium-textured, somewhat calcareous. Altitude a.s.l.:200 – 350m. The olive variety is exclusively Casaliva. The harvesting method consist of primarily picked by hand at an early stage of maturity. In the extraction method, the olives are cold extracted using a continuous three-phase system.calcarea.


The colour is golden green with good clarity. The aroma has medium-intense fruity, strictly  green with distinct herbaceous notes reminiscent of rocket and artichoke and hints of green almond, as well as pine nut and green apple. The flavour initially is balanced with a delicate bitterness, it reveals a distinct spicy structure that accompanies renewed flavour sensations and finishes with an appealing mineral note.


When used in the right amount, it heightens rather than overwhelms the flavour of foods. It is delicious with local salted meat products and on sliced steak and thinly sliced raw beef.