“Le creve” Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP

The Paolo Forelli’s philosophy, the founder of Oleificio Le Creve from Garda lake, is to maintain the natural link between man and its territory and to respect the nature, continuing the cultivation of ancient olive trees olive oil from Garda and activities as they did in past centuries.

The olives of the cultivar “casaliva“, growing in the Lake Garda microclimate which gives them a unique flavor, delicate and elegant with different shades of light to medium fruity recalling especially the almond green feeling characteristic of the territory, also to taste the noble bitter delicate and spicy aftertaste refer to production latitude their balance and their harmony.

Malcesine is one of the northernmost areas of Europe where olive trees grow and then given the frequent harsh weather conditions the number of plants per hectare is very low. These characteristics and the old plants, give the oil a unique and rare taste.

Taste: fruity, bitter light, medium spicy. The colour of the oil Le Creve goes from light green to dark green with colour change over time toward more golden tones. Its acidity is contained within very low values for your attention in collecting and crushing the day the olives.

Specialized type of farming, harvesting: Beating or hand picking; Extraction Method: Continuous cycle in three phases

Food pairing: The olive oil Le Creve is recommended raw on the cheese plateau and bruschetta, cooked and raw on pasta dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, on grilled meats and vegetables. It is delicate even with fish.

 Oil Le Creve is an  extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. and has a large variety of awards and recognitions.