Terre rosse, extraordinary extra virgin olive oil from Azienda Agraria Hispellum


Umbria, east of Tuscany and west of the Marche region, produces some of the best olive oils in Italy. This region has hilly terrain and great climate for growing olives. In this landscape the Azienda Agraria Hispellum produces the extra virgin olive oil Terre Rosse.

For the agricoltural company the production of Terre Rosse is a clear expression of culture, it’s values traditions, principles, passion for the land and for its products.

The Olives are hand picked, then loaded in aired containers and brought to the mill where are stored prior to the pressing away from heat in a temperature between 14 and 20 degrees C.

The process of pressing is carefully performed within six hours from the harvest in cold conditions. The oil is then stored in stainless steel containers, in a modified environment (Nitrogen).

The Azienda Hispellum is a real “craftsmen of oil”. They distribute oil under their own brand and use only oil derived from their own olives for a guaranty of genuineness with a complete traceability.

The color is green with golden yeallow tones. The fragrance is definitely intense and penetrating with a herbal hints and reminds of artichoke. The Taste denotes a strong personality. It is an explosion of fruity flavour and spicy tones with a strong full-bodied.

This olive oil is ideal with savory foods (bruschetta, grilled meats, roasts, vegetable soup, grilled mushrooms, pasta and beans, spinach, boiled and sauteed with oil and garlic, etc. ) and dishes with a marked feeling like potatoes or leeks or onions soups.