Almaden wines get new labels

Founded in 1852, the Almadén line is considered the oldest winery in California. There are eight generations of producers who have produced – with great talent and expertise – wines and sparkling wines since 1973, in Brazil. The work of repositioning the line sought to review the brand’s entire portfolio, creating two large groups: Almadén Vinhos and Almadén Sparkling.

Within the Almadén Vinhos group, three categories were created:

• Almadén Varietals (line with ten dry varietals)
• Vintage Almadén (a red and a white half dry)
• Almadén Suave (a red, white and rosé)

Already in the Almadén Sparkling group, three products were developed, now in 750 ml bottles:

• Almadén Brut
• Almadén Demi Sec
• Almadén Brut Rosé

The work of visual renovation respected the legacy of a centennial and international brand, with 45 years of history in the Brazilian market, was guided by the search for the perception of greater added value.

“We strive to maintain the uncomplicated concept of the brand in this new Almadén Line, producing a wide range of varietals with evident quality gains in scale production”, celebrates Adriano Miolo, superintendent of the Miolo group.

The Almadén line of dry varietals consists of the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Tannat, Pinotage and Shiraz among the reds. And Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer in whites.

The vintage Almadén half dry is constituted by the Cabernet / Shiraz red and the white Chenin / Muscat. The Almadén Suave line is composed of Cabernet red (Sauvignon / Franc), white Ugni Blanc and Rosé Cabernet (Sauvignon / Franc).

About Almadén

Almadén is part of the Miolo Group, a brand that has projects in 4 regions of Brazil with its own vineyards. The Almadén wines are elaborated in Santana do Livramento, Campanha Central (RS), in the 450 hectares of the brand. The other Miolo projects are developed in Bento Gonçalves (RS), Vale dos Vinhedos – Vinícola Miolo (100 hectares); in Candiota (RS), Southern Campaign – Seival Winery (200 hectares); and in Casa Nova (BA), San Francisco Valley – Terranova Winery (200 hectares).

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