Refosco dal peduncolo rosso 2012 “Il Roncal”

The Roncal, in Friulian “farm set on a hillside planted with terraces”, also called “Ronchi”, is overlooking the charming landscape.

jdjaskaskdIt is the vineyards that surround Montebello Hills, where  the headquarters of the estate are situated. They offer year after year, fresh and fragrant white wines, red wines and full-bodied and velvety red wines.

The farm consists of a piece of land in the eastern hills of Friuli consists of land sandstone marl that thanks to the excellent sun exposure and microclimate allows the cultivation of a wide variety of grapes. The harvest is purely late this of course to take the grapes in its most generous maturity. The wine is made using traditional methods, temperature controlled in the cellars of the company. Not only that, next to the shiny and cold steel tanks, is devoted to scented oak barrels, where the wines mature and aromas complement.

We tasted

Refosco dal peduncolo rosso 2012 “Il Roncal”

Refosco is a Friulian vine of ancient origin from well-defined characters. The harvest, late, is made manually, in boxes with selection of grapes.

The Winemaking takes place once the grapes were cut and pressed, then they undergo maceration on the skins for 15 days and temperature-controlled fermentation. With soft pressing, they are   separated from the skins followed by a natural settling. Half of the product remains in wooden barrels of 25 hl. for 5 months. Then the winemakers perform the join the cuvées  in stainless steel vats and. They are  bottlied in late June.

The color is a ruby red tending to purple, intense and pleasant with hints of blackberry and wild berries. Fruity in the mouth, slightly tannic, full-bodied, warm, with persistent and pleasant aftertaste.
Then we speak of a robust wine that is very suitable for aging.
It is a wine purely from fireplace autumn, which should be accompanied with red meat, fat, venison, and roast.