The sun illuminates the green meadows, a slight breeze brings dance wheat, hills resort by creating a framework of Fattori, we are in Tuscany,Chianti region. Here is a company in the process of expansion, we are talking about company Chigi Saracini.


IMG0056Company founded in the XII century by the noble family Marescotti, and then a succession of marriages has expanded more and moreproperty,  until the last noble owner, Count Guido Chigi Saracini. Extravagant and eccentric person, passionate about classical music to the point of setting up a special Academy in Siena around the thirties, where agricultural properties would be used to maintain it. The Count did not care much about the various properties, so at his death in the mid-sixties, the Academy was about to close.

In Siena, the only bank that could actually do something, and it is the economic heart of Siena, is the Monte dei Paschi also acquired all the estates.In 1985 it created a company that manages this heritage called Real Estate Administrations, and  the company Chigi became property of the bank. The breakthrough came when they called ione  of the most prominent winemakers in the Italy: Carlo Ferrini .In 2000 he implemented big changes in the company, he planted twenty-five hectares  with Sangiovese, Carbernet and Merlot.

In 2001, Chigi Saracini bought Poggio Bonelli, a company owned by an Helvetian notary .This acquisition was strategic for the Tuscan company, both as a matter of image and for territorial issues as Poggio Bonelli is part of Chianti Classico territotory. Today, in the panorama of Italian wines,Poggio Bonelli and Chigi, are a  well-structured reality, with quality products, recognized by the best wine guides. The company Chigi Saracini introduces two line of wines:  Villa Chigi: 110.000 bottles a year, composed of 95% Sangiovese and 5% other red grapes (Cannaiolo, Colorino). It has a ruby red color, is lively on the palate, is soft and persistent, with hints of violets, and spices.The vinification is made in stainless steel vats for ten days at a controlled temperature (30C °).

The flagship wine is the Poggiassai, wine produced in 47.000 bottles, composed of 85% Sangiovese and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. For the production of this wine  the best grapes are chosen manually. This is a wine with great personality, ruby red color with purple hues, with hints of violet, vanilla, warm taste, harmonious and persistent. The vinification takes place in stainless steel vats with maceration on the skins for twenty days, and the refinement of eighteen months in barriques and six months in bottle. In my opinion it is a wine to buy and keep in the cellar for some time after drinking it. I think it will be at its best level  after a few years, developing new scents with aging.

Marco Lucentini