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Tenuta La Massa Giorgio Primo 2019 joins the prestigious Place de Bordeaux

Tenuta La Massa is pleased to announce that this coming September will see the launch of Giorgio Primo 2019 on the prestigious Place de Bordeaux, an achievement quite apropos, since the estate’s winegrowing philosophy has always reflected a French style and an international spirit. “A position on the Place de Bordeaux for our estate’s iconic wine, the quintessence of our winemaking approach, is an opportunity to distribute into markets worldwide and represents the fulfilment of a dream,” commented estate founder Giampaolo Motta. 

Tenuta La Massa is the story of one-man’s search for a terroir on a par with his passions for viticulture and winemaking. In Motta’s case, they were formed in France then definitively rooted in Italy, in Chianti’s Conca d’Oro in Panzano where he found, in 1992, his terra electa, where he grows the vines that make up the superb portfolio of Tenuta La Massa. Motta’s vision to produce an iconic wine and bring it to the Place de Bordeaux is to come true, giving the opportunity of gaining wider recognition for Giorgio Primo on the international ultra-premium wine stage. “La Place de Bordeaux is, by universal acknowledgement, the most prestigious marketplace and distribution network for world-class wines, with particular emphasis on rarities and wines coveted by collectors,” continued Motta. “It is supported by more than 300 négociants, who sell to more than 170 countries across the globe.” 

The first Tenuta La Massa wine to be distributed on Place de Bordeaux will be Giorgio Primo. This cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot is the culmination of continuous, painstaking efforts to achieve perfection, both in vineyard management and in winemaking practices. 

Barre & Touton, long-established courtiers of the Place De Bordeaux, are convinced that the world’s finest wines have their place on La Place. To manage that segment, Barre & Touton established a branch, “Les Vins d’Ailleurs”, directed by Laurent Dufau, dedicated specifically to iconic wines from outside of Bordeaux. 

The launch of Giorgio Primo 2019 will be coordinated by Barre & Touton “Les Vins d’Ailleurs” and offered through a select group of négociants: La Bordelaise des Grands Vins, Crus et Domaines de France, Maison Descaves, Dubos, Joanne Rare Wines & Millesima. 

“We are delighted to be able to represent Giorgio Primo and the winemaking philosophy of Tenuta La Massa,” stated Dufau. “We are honoured to accompany Tenuta La Massa on this new adventure and to offer their wines to the world through Place de Bordeaux.” 

Giorgio Primo 2019, the fruit of years of study of the complex local terroir, is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, and 5% Petit Verdot, which creates a complex, symphony of aromas in the glass. The vines are planted in schist clay, galestro marl and limestone creating distinctive wines that are a true reflection of the terroir. 

The 2019 growing year was characterised by normal weather and by groundwaterreserves that filled over the winter and spring, thus enabling the vines to cope with the summer heat. 

A warm summer with some rainfall, and a normal ripening curve, plus cooler temperatures during the harvest in late September, preserving the grapes’ crisp, elegant aromatics. “That courageous decision to await peak ripeness, the outstanding combination of temperatures and rainfall, and the excellent management of the macerations and maturations in oak,” commented Giampaolo Motta, “meant that we have delivered beautifully balanced wines with exceptional polyphenol concentrations. Both elegance and power, which combines with a superb and savoury finish, the generous gift of our soils.”
A wine, that reflects the land and the interpretation of man. 


In 1992, Giampaolo Motta, Neapolitan by birth but Tuscan by adoption, encountered La Massa, and that moment formed an indissoluble bond between the man and his terroir. The estate, lying in the magnificent Conca d’Oro of Panzano, in the heart of Chianti Classico, boasts 25 hectares of southwest-facing vineyards. In the 1990s, he initiated a lengthy vineyard restoration project and in-depth terroir research, in an effort to give shape to his dream through his wines: Giorgio Primo, Carla 6, and La Massa. The viticultural and oenological pathways La Massa adopted “break” with traditional Tuscan practices, and the sapient hand of the winemaker ensures that the wines convey the interpretive force of the estate soils. La Massa, the first wine produced, is representative of the emphatic character of a rugged area like Panzano, but at the same time it displays the elegant oenological personality of its creator-winemaker. Next is Carla 6, dedicated to daughter Carla and made with grapes from vineyard parcel 6; a monovarietal Sangiovese, it pays tribute to the grape that embodies Tuscany. Giorgio Primo, named after his grandfather & his son, is a cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot that synthesises the estate as well as its uninterrupted, near-obsessive striving for perfection, both in the vineyards and in the winecellar. 

Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia:2021 vintage is on the market

Mediterranean elegance, balance and freshness. These are the hallmarks of Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, and the 2021 vintage – on the market since March – is not an exception. A Cuvée based on Sauvignon Blanc with small percentages of Vermentino, Viogner and Verdicchio, Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia enriches the mosaic of the wines of the Tuscan coast with its own personal point of view.

Brilliant, delicately sunny and also deeply identifying with the terroir of the estate, Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia 2021 “is complex and seductive, sporting a riot of citrus notes, exotic fruits, white flowers, accompanied also by scents of cut grass and asparagus,” explains the winemaker Olga Fusari, “the taste closes in a long savory and mineral finish, which well represents the territory in which it was born.”

An exciting sip that tells the constant dialogue between territory, man and a climate that is always particularly benevolent here.  Indeed, 2021 began with a mild, rainy winter and a regular spring. Ideal conditions to easily cope with the hot and dry summer (especially in August) as it often is on the Bolgheri coast. Constant breezes from the sea and temperature fluctuations between day and night accompanied the perfect ripening of the grapes, which were harvested in the very early hours of the morning starting on August 18 for Sauvignon Blanc, followed by Viogner and Verdicchio and ending in the second week of September with Vermentino. After a slow and soft pressing of the bunches and an alcoholic fermentation of no more than 22°C, the wine went through a cellar process divided between wood, cement and steel, followed by aging in the bottle for about a year.

Today Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia 2021, tells with style and confidence an exemplary vintage and a coast that is a symbol in the world of harmony and beauty.

New record set for Masseto

A sale of wines released directly from the Masseto Caveau surpasses the high estimate to bring a grand total of €376,625

Nebuchadnezzar of the 2010 vintage sells for a record €56,250

Sotheby’s sale of wines released from the Masseto Caveau concluded yesterday, having achieved an outstanding total of €376,625 with all 46 lots finding buyers and selling for prices above their high estimates. The announcement of the auction in March created much excitement and anticipation among wine collectors, and by the time the first day of bidding on 12 April drew to a close, the sale was already 100% sold. As the lots began to close yesterday, a flurry of bids resulted in a final total far beyond a pre-sale estimate in the region of €200,000, with collectors across Europe, the Americas and Asia competing to purchase one or more of the extremely limited number of 132 bottles on offer in varying formats. The sale was led by a nebuchadnezzar of the 2010 vintage, which sold for €56,250, tripling its estimate and establishing a new record for any bottle of Masseto at auction.

Amayès Aouli, Sotheby’s Head of Wine, Europe, said: “These standout results, not least the record price for the nebuchadnezzar, are testament to the quality of the wine produced by Masseto and the unprecedented opportunity to acquire bottles directly from the Masseto Caveau. We saw bids coming in from all over the world, with competition among both established collectors and buyers new to Sotheby’s. It has been a pleasure to partner with this iconic estate for such a special occasion and to bring their wines to as wide an audience as possible.”

Giovanni Geddes, CEO Masseto says: “We are truly proud of the results that went beyond our expectations. We would like to thank all wine collectors and buyers for their enthusiasm showed towards our wines. This is the best recognition Masseto can receive. We would like to thank Sotheby’s as well for their professionalism and passion during this collaboration.”


Axel Heinz, Estate Director concludes: “It is an honor to know that the work of our team is highly esteemed internationally. We are very pleased that these wines will be kept and also enjoyed by collectors who appreciate their identity, history and uniqueness.”

For this special sale, Sotheby’s joined forces with Masseto earlier this year to select vintages directly from the most secret space in the winery’s cellar carved deep beneath the vineyard above – a stunningly designed location where bottles of every Masseto vintage rest in perfect conditions, each protected in its very own steel cradle. The contents of the auction spanned three decades, including 35 cases containing the 2006, 2010 and 2011 vintages, as well as magnums, double magnums, imperials and a single nebuchadnezzar. Among the top lots were two imperials of the 2001 and 2016 vintages, which sold for €15,000 each.

All the bottles from the Masseto Caveau were presented for sale in numbered cases handcrafted in oak and containing a certificate of origin signed by Axel Heinz, Estate Director. Furthermore, every bottle came to auction with a Prooftag®, attesting to the wine’s authenticity, including the date when the bottle left the Caveau stated on the front label: April 2023. In addition, Caveau features on every capsule as well as on the seals of guarantee that close the wooden cases, a singular confirmation of watertight provenance.

Masseto has gained a unique place in the pantheon of collectible wines, to become one of the most valuable, coveted wines in all of Italy and beyond. The estate is located on a magical hillside on the Tuscan Coast where unique, individual, complex, compelling yet elegant wines are being produced, with each vintage having the specific personality of Masseto, but always showing a different facet.

Full results available here.

Massetino 2020

Sharing the same genotype as its older brother Masseto means the perfect blend of power and opulence

The fourth vintage of the estate’s second vin, Massetino 2020 vaunts a clearly defined character emphasised by elegant flavours and aromas. “Massetino’s strong personality is not surprising as it shares the same DNA as Masseto. Just like its older brother, power and opulence go hand in hand with discretion and classicism,” explains Axel Heinz, Estate Director.

2017 was the year when Massetino made its debut. Now, after four magnificent vintages, this fine wine is an interpreter of the extraordinary terroir where the vines yield a powerful yet elegant expression. “Ever since the inception of Masseto, the grapes have undergone the strictest selection to ensure the best possible quality. In 2017, certain Merlot and Cabernet Franc parcels still had not developed sufficient calibre to be included in Masseto, although they showed the potential and personality, alongside other elements not used in the master blend, to make a second vin: Massetino.

Massetino 2020, which will be released to market on 1 October, is distinguished by an ever-changing microclimate and huge potential. After a wet and mild winter, the spring started slowly, protecting the buds from much-feared frost. A rainy June preceded a prolonged spell of drought and high temperatures until the end of August. The dry conditions prompted a superb, quick, yet even veraison. Rainfall in late August restored the required balance and lowered the temperatures. With swings in day-to-night temperatures, perfect conditions were created for the Merlot to complete the ripening, maintaining the freshness of the grapes. The Merlot was harvested in the first half of September, immediately followed by the Cabernet Franc.

Every parcel was vinified separately to guarantee the identity of each grape variety and vineyard section. Spontaneous fermentation took place in concrete vats using native yeasts aimed at minimizing human intervention and upholding the utmost respect of the grapes. The malolactic fermentation, on the other hand, occurred in 50% new oak barriques. After 12 months of ageing, the wine was blended and returned to the barriques for another 3 months prior to bottling, providing the time needed for each separate detail to become part of the elegant symphony of flavours and aromas.

Winemaker Gaia Cinnirella describes the colours, flavours and bouquet as “a perfect blend of power and opulence on the finish that displays the typical traits of the 2020 vintage. The deep purple hue immediately stands out at first sight, ready to show a strong identity. Ripe cherries and forest floor are discerned on the nose and pair perfectly with the crunchiness and freshness of the fruit in the mouth.” Massetino embodies the genetic makeup of a place where nature never ceases to amaze every year, always revealing new prospects for the future.

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg for Ornellaia Vendemmia D’Artista 2019 “Il Vigore”

Charity auction supporting the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s “Mind’s Eye” program

From 5th to 19th October 2022

The charity auction of Ornellaia Vendemmia d’Artista 2019 “Il Vigore” organized by Sotheby’s gets underway from 5th to 19th October. Swedish artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg designed this vintage’s special labels and this year’s proceeds will once more go to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for the “Mind’s Eye” program.

Jamie Ritchie, Worldwide Chairman, Sotheby’s Wine says: “This is our twelve partnership with Ornellaia for their annual Vendemmia d’Artista project, which is so special to us because it supports worthy artistic causes and combines the brilliance of the estate’s wines with the visual ingenuity of the artists who take part. We look forward to presenting a range of bottles from the 2019 vintage “Il Vigore” later this year, headlined, as ever, by a unique Salmanazar. With its emphasis on the senses, the Mind’s Eye program has been the ideal beneficiary and, as in previous years, we expect these exclusive bottles to attract international interest from collectors eager to also enjoy the unique experiences on offer.”

Since 2019, the proceeds from the Vendemmia d’Artista charity auction have been donated to support this innovative program, which was created by the Guggenheim’s education department to help the blind and low-vision visitors to experiment with art by the fullest use of the senses.

This enables the development of creative impressions, emotional connections and lasting memories. As in all the arts, the appreciation of fine wines also necessitates the total engagement of the senses. Sharing this idea caused Ornellaia to support the growth of this innovative program.

Ornellaia’s generosity has provided for the expansion of Mind’s Eye, connecting participants across the globe through virtual programs, states Richard Armstrong, Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Museum. “In the last three years, our knowledge has allowed Guggenheim New York to increase accessibility both to the museum and to works of art through multi-sensorial exploration. We are grateful for the ongoing support of Ornellaia.”

The Guggenheim stands out as an innovative institution for its commitment to accessibility and building the Mind’s Eye Community. Digitalization has enabled Mind’s Eye to reach a vast public from many countries around the world through its Sensory Guide to the Guggenheim New York or through Verbal Descriptions that use specific language to convey a visual experience for artworks and the unique architecture of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed building. 

The proceeds raised have allowed the program to be extended to the two other museums in the Guggenheim constellation, Venice and Bilbao, hence bestowing international prestige on the program.

For this reason, Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja, CEO of the Ornellaia estate, is excited to state: “Since the beginning of Vendemmia d’Artista in 2009, we have donated the proceeds from the auction to charity. It is immensely rewarding to see the project grow internationally and to know that the work we are doing gives the blind and low-vision persons the possibility to explore contemporary art through the senses. This sensibility has always been a key part of our philosophy.”

The genius loci of Bolgheri in the bright reflections of Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia 2020

Ornellaia is proud to present the 2020 vintage of Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, which is enhanced by the Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia Ambassadors project that pays tribute to its relationship with the sea and land to which it belongs.

In Tuscany, wine is often regarded as red by definition. “And yet”, Axel Heinz, Estate Director, explains “with a clear vision, patient research into the best soil and aspect, a suitable selection of the varieties to be planted and a constant commitment to cultivating the vines with care and attention, we are certain that the genius loci of this unique land can also be conveyed in the straw yellow colour of our white wines.”

Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia owes its elegant Mediterranean style to the special microclimate that distinguishes the estate.

The 2020 vintage was characterized by a rainy yet mild winter. The budbreak occurred later than usual, shielding the vines from any frost damage. A still wet June was followed by a hot, dry summer. The harvest took place earlier, in the first half of August for the Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Verdicchio, while we were able to wait until September for the perfect ripening of the Vermentino. “The earlier harvest and the absence of particular water stress, due to the water reserves accumulated in June, enabled the grapes to convey all their hallmark aromas, especially the Sauvignon Blanc,Axel Heinz remarked. 

The winemaking and ageing must support the balance that distinguishes Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, without distorting it, in addition to accentuating the texture, without making it heavier. In so doing, the bright colours and refined aromas are kept intact.

The practical winemaking choices are aimed at acquiring additional balance, layers of complexity that allow the wine to withstand the test of time and reveal its deepest soul and the ultimate expression of the terroir with the passing of the years.

The wine is made by gently pressing the grapes, followed by the decision to decant and allow half the wine to age in steel tanks, while the remaining half ages in barriques. The wine subsequently spends six months on the lees with bâtonnage.

The winemaker Olga Fusari, who is particularly attached to Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia and who has witnessed the revival in conjunction with its maiden vintage led by Ornellaia’s technical team, explains. “With its bright straw yellow colour, Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia 2020 displays beautiful aromatic complexity on the nose: woodland and white flowers, accompanied by white peach, sage and herbal notes, are released in the glass. On tasting, the wine fills the palate with elegance and decisiveness, showing the right balance between freshness, acidity and density. The finish is vibrant, lasting and on the savoury side.” 

The release of the 2020 vintage is also accompanied by the Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia Ambassadors project. This initiative is devoted to the Mediterranean Sea and Italian excellence. The ambassadors, who come from all over the peninsula and beyond, having been selected for their creativity and the quality of their cuisine, have created recipes that pair perfectly with Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia. The chefs that have taken part to this project are Daniele and Andrea Zazzeri, La Pineta in Marina di Bibbona, Gennaro Esposito, La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, Andrea Migliaccio and Salvatore Elefante, Il Riccio in Capri, Emanuele Riccobono, Ristorante Zagara in Sciacca, Pietro d’Agostino, La Capinera in Taormina, Enzo Florio, Da Tuccino in Polignano a Mare, Roberto Gatto, Cip’s Club in Venice, Domenico Soranno, Langosteria in Paraggi e infine Antonio Colaianni, Ristorante Ornellaia in Zurich. Their dishes reflect the same salinity of the sea that can be found in Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, which has always borne witness to the evolution of mankind and its connection with a land that yields the centuries-old wisdom of time and patience.

Masseto 2018: the sublime fragility of the soil and humankind’s intuition

The estate presents Masseto 2018

The elegant and silky texture of a one-of-a-kind wine

It is said that the expectation of a pleasure represents a pleasure in itself, but the peak is the instant in which it is finally reached, when desire is transformed into reality. Finally, after years of refinement, Masseto 2018 is released on the market, with a deep olfactory intensity that flows in the silky texture of this wine.

Humankind, the soil, and the vineyard: these are the three determining elements for the success of this  wine that has established itself as among the most respected in Italy and in the world.

Masseto was born from the intuition of taking a chance on difficult land and seeing its great potential. Estate Director, Axel Heinz, describes it as “an unspoiled, harsh and austere place, that’s not at all easy to work. The conditions are extreme, yet this vineyard never fails to amaze us. It’s truly a magical place where nature makes the most important decisions”.

The will is to interpret the spirit of nature and then let it express itself without limits, because everything revolves around the extraordinary – and at the same time demanding – vineyard. The expert hands of those who love every single plant and know its soul in depth are the ones that lead it. All of this obtains a wine without any coercing, accompanied by actions in the cellar that are as limited as possible in order to obtain its maximum expression.

Masseto 2018 is a wine that perfectly reflects terroir and vintage.

After a season of drought in 2017, winter 2018 seemed to indicate a return to normal, but one of the wettest springs in Masseto’s history, with higher than average temperatures, led to rapid vegetative growth with the risk of diseases. Only the timing of the team made it possible to keep firm control of the vines through the thinning of the shoots and the correct positioning of the foliar apparatus. Thanks to the skillful interplay between shadow and light obtained, both leaves and grapes remained healthy.

The 2018 harvest was the first to find its home entirely in the new cellar dug deep into the blue clay soil on which the vineyard stands, between walls that represent a physical and symbolic tribute to the history of the estate and to the intuition of those who believed in it. The double sorting table enabled the selection of only the most perfect grapes. Fermentation took place in concrete tanks, with the malolactic fermentation beginning in new oak barrels in separate batches for the first 12 months, then blended and left to rest in barrels for a further year.

Masseto 2018 amazes with an infinite salinity that fills each sip. Likewise, there is no sign of excess in the expression of a perfect balance between fullness and harmony that reveals the profound belonging to a terroir with an unmistakable identity.

A symphony of aromatic notes tinged with berries is woven into a refined texture. “Perfectly ripe cherries, plums and spiced new oak. The palate is broad and rich, revealing a refined and silky body derived from the 2018 vintage“, elaborates Axel Heinz, who calls it “a particularly elegant version that combines richness and finesse”.

Soon a new address in Bordeaux for Masseto, Ornellaia, Tenuta Luce and CastelGiocondo

Masseto, Ornellaia, Tenuta Luce and CastelGiocondo are opening a representative office in the city of Bordeaux, aimed at strengthening their worldwide sales network, starting with the French stronghold of fine wines. 

The prestigious Tuscan estates are set to open a representative office in 2022

The first wine estates in Italy to make such an investment.

Masseto, in 2009, was the first Italian wine to be distributed through La Place de Bordeaux. Ornellaia followed suit in 2015. In the wake of their success, in 2019 Tenuta Luce and in 2021 CastelGiocondo Brunello also embraced the international distribution of La Place de Bordeaux. Since 2009, this choice has resulted in ever increasing results. The Négociants boast a centuries-long history of the sale of fine wines at an international level.

“Making top-tier wines is not enough,” explains Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja, CEO of Frescobaldi group. “Knowing how to communicate this quality and choosing the perfect distribution is essential. By considering these years with La Place de Bordeaux as the first step and examining potential sales growth, it now seems logical for us to open a representative office in Bordeaux. Our goal is to strengthen our position by developing a deeper and more integrated relationship with the Négociants, no longer working from a distance, but in close contact with our partners.”

This stimulating challenge has been entrusted to Patrick Lachapèle who will take on the role of Director of the representative office, returning to France after 16 years in Asia where he worked as Asia-Pacific Export Manager for Baron Philippe de Rothschild and then as Director Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America for Ornellaia and Tenuta Luce. Patrick will work alongside the commercial directors of the four estates, which will remain individually managed.

The new office will be operational in the first quarter of 2022.


Masseto wines are available to all markets through La Place de Bordeaux with the exception of Italy, United States and Canada where Masseto retains direct distribution. Ornellaia wines are available as well through La Place de Bordeaux with the exception of Europe, United States and Canada.

In the case of Tenuta Luce, La Place de Bordeaux holds the distribution in Asia (with the exception of Japan), Africa and Middle East meanwhile CastelGiocondo is available with the Négociants in China only.

Vinchio Vaglio: the Nest of Barbera

The story of the Vinchio and Vaglio winery is a love story where the inhabitants of these two villages transformed a difficult and poor, inarable land with slopes so steep that some local sayings proved true: “S’ot dròca la colassion, it la treuvi pì!” (if you drop your breakfast, you won’t find it again!) or “S’ot dròca ël bertin, ot toca curije drera fin ant la val” (if your hat blows off in the wind, you’ll need to run down to the end of the valley to get it”). The name results from both Vinchio and Vaglio Serra villages where 19 vine growers used to live and founded the cooperative in 1959. The winery is located in Piedmont, Monferrato, core zone of UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony, right at the foot of the Alps. This area with its steep slopes and overhanging vineyards at the edge of the woods has been tended and “tamed” to dramatic effort, where every single drop of the “Ruby of Vinchio” (Barbera wine) equates to thousands of drops (and certainly not an exaggeration!) of farmers’ sweat. However, the vineyards have never failed to reward their hard work. These vine rows, in fact, repay the industrious farmers with grapes of rare and exceptional quality. Nowadays the cooperative represents 192 family vine growers who take daily care of 450 hectares mostly planted in Barbera grapes (60% of our production) and all other indigenous grapes from Piedmont such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Ruché, Albarossa, Grignolino, Arneis, Cortese, Moscato and Brachetto. The territory is characterized by a distinctive terroir of calcareous soils and sandy soils in Vinchio and mostly clay soils in Vaglio Serra what makes the Barbera of Vinchio Vaglio unique for the structure (white soils), elegance (sandy soils) and aromas (clay soils). The sun usually shines all day on these hills, there is seldom hoarfrost or fog and no shadow. Great wines grow on these hills.

Tenute Silvio Nardi ‘s Brunello 2016, A natural cycle of elegance

2016 has already won recognition as a stellar vintage for Brunello, with superbly balanced wines. For Tenute Silvio Nardi, this vintage displays the hallmarks of a particularly felicitous conjunction of factors.

Emilia Nardi, head of the family operation, explains: “Over the last 30 years, we have gradually replanted all our vineyards, following a massive zonation project, and in addition, we launched a significant programme of clonal selection. The results are that today, our vineyards are magnificently expressive.”

Brunello Tenute Silvio Nardi is a cuvée of grapes grown in a full 54 individual parcels on the two properties that compose the wine estate. Casale del Bosco, in the north-east quadrant of Montalcino, where the historic winery is located, is wooded and still wild, while Manachiara lies in the sunny, gently-rolling hills in the southeast. The voices of these vineyards’ “chorus” are even further tuned by precision viticulture and separate vinifications. After individual maturations, the lots find their common expression in the assembly of the cuvée, composed with the assistance of the exceptionally sensitive palate of consulting winemaker Eric Boissenot.

Zonation, soils, clones, elevation, aspect, and, obviously, the hand of man are critical for producing a great wine, but a favourable climate is just as important, and weather conditions in 2016 have been just perfect. Following spring rains that lasted into mid-June, sun and cool breezes got the upper hand. Heat in July, which averaged over 30oC, providentially alternated with sporadic rains in August, which brought temperatures down as low as 12oC, ushering in the cool conditions necessary for a high-quality crop, and a slow, gradual ripening allowed tannins and aroma precursors all the time they needed to develop. The first picking started in mid-September and concluded in October.  

“After years of intense work on our vineyards, and with the fortunate kiss of 2016, I am pleased to state that the elegance achieved by our Brunello 2016 represents a great milestone for us, but the starting point as well for striving further,” concluded Emilia.

The wine exhibits an impressive balance of red berries and purple fruit, with a near-endless progression infused with mineral and vegetal aromatic impressions, all supported by a lively acidity and firm tannins that promise an enviable development over 10 years or more.    

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