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Domno, Nero Rose’ Brut

was founded in 2008 in the city of Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul, the so called “sparkling wine’s land”, as the newest enterprising of Valduga Group family . Certain of the growth of wines and sparkling wines sector in Brazil, the Domno project characterizes itself for two business fronts: the importing of high standard wines and the sparkling wines elaboration that is already recognized by the consumers for its quality and elegance.

We tasted: Nero Rose’ Brut

This sparkling wine is a blend of Chardonnay 60%, Pinot Noir 40%. The harvesting is manual and selective. The vinification is a Charmat method. The colour is cherry red and fine and persistent perlage. The aroma has notes of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry. In the mouth is fruity, balanced and with good persistence. For the food paring is ideal with aperitifs, salads, fish, shrimp, pasta with little spicy sauces and desserts not very sweet, the base of red fruits.


Pauolo Ovidio da Silva

Casa Valduga Arte Tradicional Brut

Casa Valduga wine esate is one of the pioneers in the utilization of champenoise method in Brazil, the winery is one of the responsible for the international recognition of Brazilian sparkling wines.

At the end of the 19th century, in 1875, the first Italian immigrant of the Valduga family arrived in Brazil. From the city of Rovereto, in northern Italy, they cultivated the first grapevines in the very heart of what is today Vale dos Vinhedos, or the Valley of Vineyards in the South of Brazil.

The main principles of Casa Valduga are synthetized on working as a family and constant innovation. For sure, creativity runs in the veins of the Valduga family, as does determination and the desire to turn dreams into reality.

Before making two bottles of wine, make one, but make it good.” said the patriarch and founder, Luiz Valduga

Investments in technology increased and with it grew the acknowledgment of Casa Valduga as one of the most highly regarded vineyards in Brazil.

We tasted: Casa Valduga Arte Tradicional Brut

This sparkling wine is produced by the Champenoise method with 12 months maturation in underground cellars. It has a composition of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir.

The perlage is fine and lasting. The aroma recall fresh tropical fruit and toasted bread.

This wine has definitely a wide pairing range. Ideal as aperitifs with dish of fish, white meats, pastas and light sauces.

This wine was awarded of Gold Medal at “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” on 2009.

Paulo Ovidio da Silva

Monteagudo wine estate

Monteagudo wine estate located in state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, is a family business founded in 2004 by doctor Leônidas Ferraz and the grain producer Alceu Muller. A dream was born … to produce quality wines in a unique terroir with soil, temperature and altitude different from those explored in other producing regions of Brazil. It has the advantage of being in the Serra Catarinense and still suffer the influence of the maritime breeze which confers, to the wines, very peculiar characteristics.

The Monte Agudo family started planting the vineyards from seedlings from France. The vineyards originated at the beginning of 2005, January 6th – Magi’s Day. That is why they are used to say that the wines were present from the fertile land of São Joaquim, at 1,280 meters of altitude at Fazenda Morro Agudo, Serra Catarinense.

The strains planted were Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and the result was an expression of the terroir; giving rise to complex and safe wines.

Currently, Monte Agudo has an intense involvement of the Rojas Ferraz family, counting on the daughters of Leônidas, Carolina and Patricia, who have managed to best convey their passion for wines. Monteagudo has recently won the gold medal in the Great Test of Brazil, with their red wine 2011.

We tasted: Sinfonia Brut Rose

This wine has two fermentation, in steel tanks and in autoclave by the charmant method at low temperatures.

In contact with the yeasts for 6 months, aiming for more aromatic complexity and creaminess in the mouth.
The colour is vivid light pink color with fine, intense and persistent perlage. The aroma is fruity with nuances of guava and cherry in syrup, mixed with light notes of toasted bread and yeast. In the mouth this wine has a good volume and intense perlage. Retro soft and persistent taste that brings out a pleasant fruity flavor.

For food pairing this wine is ideal with food finger, sushi and with dessert.

This wine was awarded with gold medal at the “Concours mondial de Bruxelles” 2013


This Rosé wine is made from merlot, harvested in advance and obtained by light pressing controlled by the release of color until obtaining a bright red, with orange tones that give it copper notes.
It was then debranched and fermented with selected ferments at low temperatures in order to preserve the numerous and intense fruity aromas of raspberry, butiá and ripe strawberry mixed with a light background of white roses.
The lively acidity and the lightness of the tannins reveal in the mouth, citrus flavors and aromas that end up emphasizing a pleasant aftertaste of lime.

Ideal for aperitif and fish dish.

Amalia Cascina in Langa

We are in Monforte d’Alba (Cuneo-Piedmont), one of the most interesting and historic towns in the Langhe declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amalia Cascina in Langa created in 2003, aim to produce high quality wine that respected the territory and tradition in an elegant and reserved location. The Boffa family, seduced by the serenity of the area, acquired an early 19th century farmhouse and its surrounding vineyards that produced the typical wines of the zone: Dolcetto and Barbera. Additional vineyards were then acquired in the prestigious cru of Barolo Bussia and Le Coste in Monforte. The production is focused on bringing out the best from every vineyard and in every harvest, thanks to scrupulous work done in the vineyard and in the winecellar.

We tasted: Barolo Bussia 2013

This Barolo is produced from a selection of grapes harvested by hand from the prestigious Fantini di Bussia vineyard.The vineyard fantini lies at an elevation higher than the others belonging to the same cru and on soil characterizes by sandstones with high percentage of sand.
The colour is intense ruby. The aroma recall notes of citrus fruits, berries and roots. In the mouth is fruity, tannins, with a persistent finnish.

For the food paring is ideal with salami, aged cheese, red meat and with the typical Brasato al Barolo.

Barbera d’alba superiore 2015

This Barbera ‘Superiore’ is obtained by aging in wood a wine made from a selection of the best grapes from the Sant’Anna vineyard. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand after meticulous selection of the best grapes.

It is a bright, intense ruby red. The bouquet is made of cherry, notes of roast coffee and a touch

of vanilla. Barbera’s characteristic acidity blends well into the wine’s body and the sweetness conferred by the wood in this long lasting wine.

In the paring is ideal with mushroom soup, grilled vegetables, game meat.

“Stupore” by Campo alle Comete Bolgheri DOC

Bolgheri is, above all, a state of mind, a way of life, the rarefied atmosphere of a world thought to no longer exist. As in a mosaic, the single pieces which compose it are of precious materials and colors, but observing them one by one there is no perception of the overall picture. Nature here remains in a pristine state; woods dominate the hillsides which, running parallel to the coast, protect it from winter’s worst cold. And, to the west, sparkles the blue of the sea, a sea which mitigates with its breezes the dog day heat of July and August. The vineyards, often wedged into the green of forest spaces or of ancient olive groves, dominates, together with the silent whistling of the wind, a landscape drawn discretely by the human hand.

The Campo alle Comete estate is located at the foot of Castagneto Carducci, the only municipality that holds the prestigious DOC Bolgheri denomination. Here is also born the “Stupore”, a wine that brings the peculiarity of Tuscan coast to full expression.

 We tasted:  “Stupore” Campo alle Comete 2015 Bolgheri DOC

“Stupore” is a red wine from Bolgheri in which four different varieties of international vines meet, which together make up an absolutely excellent blend.

This wine has a beautiful ruby red, deep and intense colour. On the nose it expresses fruity notes of cherry and fresh plum. The taste turns out to be soft, balanced and fresh. Excellent length and sapid the final. It is perfect with meat and especially poultry, it is excellent to accompany stuffed honey duck.

Pinot Gris 2015 Eclat du Terroir, Domaine Huber & Bleger

Domaine Huber & Bleger wine estate are winemakers from father to son for several generations. The cousins ​​Marcel HUBER and Robert BLEGER came together in 1966 to form the first Agricultural Exploitation Group (GAEC) in France. New cellars were built in 1972 and the Domaine HUBER and BLEGER continued to evolve and expand to currently operate a vineyard in France. 27 hectares, located mainly in the commune of Saint-Hippolyte, at the foot of Haut-Koenigsbourg castle in Alsace, France.

All vineyards are traditionally and respectfully managed the environment (Guyot pruning, grass cover and ground work, manual harvesting …).
The constant search for quality, in the cultivation of the vine as in the vinification of grapes and control of the costs are for the domain essential objectives. That is why this domain has been certified in Sustainable Agriculture since 1999, for a production subject to rules of an environmentally friendly specification (Terra Vitis label).

We tasted: Pinot Gris 2015 Eclat du Terroir

The vineyard is located on a hillside with a superb South-East exposure, the Geissberg is a granitic and gneissic terroir. This wine harvest entirely manual, is yellow with golden highlights. The typically of the grape variety is undeniably found in this wine of great richness, with complex aromas of dried fruits and fruits candied but also smoky notes. Great finesse and minerality nascent are characteristic of the subsoil. In the mouth is rich with a touch of sugar, oily and of a beautiful aromatic persistence. This wine is definitely well structured.

For the food paring is perfect with the refined dishes and the Asian cooking also with aperitif, roasted white meat and poultry in sauce ,smoked salmon, the typical foie gras, and Game (pickled or not).


Campe Dhei Raboso, Cantina Ponte

Cantina Ponte is a wine cooperative with traditionally strong ties to its own region, which has become the engine of development initiatives for the entire Venetian wine district. Cantina Ponte  was created in 1948 by the will of a small group of winegrowers who joined forces to face the aftermath of the postwar crises.

The cooperative has always considered its most important company asset to be its “human capital”: a wide and varied working group of farmers, laborers, managers, agriculture experts, wine experts, agents and sales people who make the company a big family. The Cantina is committed to the environment with the aim of promoting ever more sustainable famring.

At present, the cooperative has 1200 producer societies for 2000 hectares in the whole of the Veneto region, from the north of Venice to the banks of the river Piave.

We tasted: Campe Dhei Raboso

It is a deep red wine that tends to garnet. The nose we recognizes hints of marasca with notes of plum and chocolate. In the mouth is well balanced dry and slightly acidic.
Ideal wine during winter season with game, grilled meats and seasoned cheeses.

Poggio Lupo, Della Luna Merlot 2016


The wine estate Poggio Lupo is a young company founded from the dream of Massimo, Manuela and Marco Morgante.

The farm is located in the municipality of Allerona, in the province of Terni (Italy). The territory is characterized by the presence of clay-sandy soils comprising gray-blue clays, dating to the lower middle-sized pliocene. The vineyard stretches for about 32 hectares and is placed in a natural amphitheater with a south-eastern exposure that allows a great solar irradiation throughout the day.

The vineyard is made up of international varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Merlot Cabernet, Sauvignon and Petit verdot. The wines of Poggio Lupo derive from sustainable agriculture for a clientele attentive to the environmental issues in the search for products coming from a low impact agriculture and respectful of nature.

We tasted:

Della Luna Merlot 2016

It is a ruby red wine with purple shades. The olfactory bouquet features sweet spicy scents and red cherry and black berries. In the mouth is well balanced and of good persistence.

This wine is aged for 6 months in steel with batonnage on fine lees and for at least 3 months in bottle.

For the food pairing it is ideal with traditional Umbrian dishes like croutons with liver pans, salami, and semi-matured cheeses and with the stuffed cake (Capocollo, sausage, sausage and vegetables).

Casale Marchese, Frascati Superiore

The Casale Marchese winery estate, which extends over more than 50 hectares is dedicated mainly to specific grape cultivars. It is situated in the heart of the Frascati DOCG zone and overlooks one of the most charming landscapes of Rome and the Tuscolo hills, where vineyards interweave with ancient olive groves. The terrain is of volcanic origin and is ideal for this kind of crop as it has excellent drainage and varied exposures.

We tasted: Frascati Superiore DOCG 2015

This wine is a blend of grapes Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano toscano, Bonvino and Bellone. In the nose we noticed hints of tropical fruit, nuanced with light, herby floral notes.

In the mouth is robust, with a soft, elegant, mouthfilling finish. Frascati should always be consumed before the next harvest starts. Casale Marchese Frascati is very drinkable even as early as February-March, but it comes into its own as summer approaches, enhanced by a brief stay in the bottle.

As food pairing is an excellent aperitif and with fish recipes, meat and fish carpaccios, pizza, fresh goat cheese.

Aitna Etna Rosso

Aitna was a Greek-Siceliot polis located on the slope of the volcano Etna.  They called this wine Aitna to honour their volcano on which it grows, choosing the Aetna tetradrachm as our winery logo.

It is produced from autochthnous grapes: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio cultivated using the classic “alberello” system. They have been cultivated since ancient times and produce a wine enriched by flavours and scents. The sandy volcanic soil gives the wine unique and characteristic mineral notes. The vineyard of Edome’ cantine is situated in Passopisciaro, in the district of Feudo di Mezzo and it is at 700 m a.s.l.

We tasted: Etna Rosso 2014

It is a Ruby red wine with fine hints of violet. The bouquet is ethereal, spicy with hints of tobacco and vanilla. The flavor is full bodied, with the right amount of tannin, dry, persistent and harmonic. For the food matching it is ideal with  red meat, and seasoned cheese.

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