Dolcetto Novello S. Martino, cantine Volpi

Cantine Volpi was founded in Tortona in 1914. Since then, through four generations it has been the protagonist of a continuous evolution that has led it to be a reference reality in the Piedmont wine industry, an authentic expression of the Tortona hills.

A company that has always been oriented towards innovation: between the ’70s and’ 90s with the Cortese Docg of the Tortona Hills it has established itself in Italy as the main protagonist of the launch of the ‘sparkling white wine natural’, a forerunner of the planetary successes of Prosecco and of Franciacorta.
In the same period Cantine Volpi brought the Barrique to the winery and started the production and marketing of Vino Novello. In the 90s it was among the first wineries to marry with determination the choice of Bio in large numbers, which today accounts for 70% of production.

At the end of the 90s, when in Italy there was not yet an organic wine market, Carlo Volpi with pioneering spirit, decided to satisfy an English customer who required a selection of the best Italian wines produced organically. Thus the first experimental line of organic wines was born.

We tasted: Dolcetto Novello S. Martino 2017

This wine produced in Colli Tortonesi area by Dolcetto grapes, has an intense rubin red colour. In the nose is vinous, characteristic, pleasant. In the mouth is dry with a discreet body and harmonious.

For the food pairing this wine is ideal with local and regional cuisine from Piedmont, and in autumns is also excellent with roasted chestnuts.