Monteagudo wine estate

Monteagudo wine estate located in state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, is a family business founded in 2004 by doctor Leônidas Ferraz and the grain producer Alceu Muller. A dream was born … to produce quality wines in a unique terroir with soil, temperature and altitude different from those explored in other producing regions of Brazil. It has the advantage of being in the Serra Catarinense and still suffer the influence of the maritime breeze which confers, to the wines, very peculiar characteristics.

The Monte Agudo family started planting the vineyards from seedlings from France. The vineyards originated at the beginning of 2005, January 6th – Magi’s Day. That is why they are used to say that the wines were present from the fertile land of São Joaquim, at 1,280 meters of altitude at Fazenda Morro Agudo, Serra Catarinense.

The strains planted were Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and the result was an expression of the terroir; giving rise to complex and safe wines.

Currently, Monte Agudo has an intense involvement of the Rojas Ferraz family, counting on the daughters of Leônidas, Carolina and Patricia, who have managed to best convey their passion for wines. Monteagudo has recently won the gold medal in the Great Test of Brazil, with their red wine 2011.

We tasted: Sinfonia Brut Rose

This wine has two fermentation, in steel tanks and in autoclave by the charmant method at low temperatures.

In contact with the yeasts for 6 months, aiming for more aromatic complexity and creaminess in the mouth.
The colour is vivid light pink color with fine, intense and persistent perlage. The aroma is fruity with nuances of guava and cherry in syrup, mixed with light notes of toasted bread and yeast. In the mouth this wine has a good volume and intense perlage. Retro soft and persistent taste that brings out a pleasant fruity flavor.

For food pairing this wine is ideal with food finger, sushi and with dessert.

This wine was awarded with gold medal at the “Concours mondial de Bruxelles” 2013


This Rosé wine is made from merlot, harvested in advance and obtained by light pressing controlled by the release of color until obtaining a bright red, with orange tones that give it copper notes.
It was then debranched and fermented with selected ferments at low temperatures in order to preserve the numerous and intense fruity aromas of raspberry, butiá and ripe strawberry mixed with a light background of white roses.
The lively acidity and the lightness of the tannins reveal in the mouth, citrus flavors and aromas that end up emphasizing a pleasant aftertaste of lime.

Ideal for aperitif and fish dish.