Campe Dhei Raboso, Cantina Ponte

Cantina Ponte is a wine cooperative with traditionally strong ties to its own region, which has become the engine of development initiatives for the entire Venetian wine district. Cantina Ponte  was created in 1948 by the will of a small group of winegrowers who joined forces to face the aftermath of the postwar crises.

The cooperative has always considered its most important company asset to be its “human capital”: a wide and varied working group of farmers, laborers, managers, agriculture experts, wine experts, agents and sales people who make the company a big family. The Cantina is committed to the environment with the aim of promoting ever more sustainable famring.

At present, the cooperative has 1200 producer societies for 2000 hectares in the whole of the Veneto region, from the north of Venice to the banks of the river Piave.

We tasted: Campe Dhei Raboso

It is a deep red wine that tends to garnet. The nose we recognizes hints of marasca with notes of plum and chocolate. In the mouth is well balanced dry and slightly acidic.
Ideal wine during winter season with game, grilled meats and seasoned cheeses.