Recovered an ancient barn: made a barrel room, a refining room for classic method sparkling wine and new spaces for tastings. A project that talks about high quality wine and wine tourism for the entire territory of Romagna. Organic vineyards and structure with Casaclima standard.

Tenuta Masselina is the winery owned by Terre Cevico. It rises on the hills of Castelbolognese in the heart of the Serra su terroir sub-area among the most vocated of Romagna in the production of Sangiovese. In its 16 hectares of organic vineyard, there are native vines such as Albana, Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Grechetto Gentile (Pignoletto).

Masselina is an estate with a strong territorial identity that becomes a story and experience through visits to the winery and paths in the vineyard, tastings and events. Here you can breathe the work of the fields, the beauty of nature, being well and, of course, the aroma of great wines. Tenuta Masselina is a symbol and paradigm of sustainability, the real one told through facts and not by proclamations.

In these days the Mipaaft has formalized the guidelines for the enotourist activity and from this point of view the proposal of Masselina is in perfect harmony with the provision. The investment made, in fact, is placed in the wake of a strategy that tends to enhance wine also through experiential and tourist routes.

The new structure is entirely built with the standards of Casaclima and is surrounded by 16 hectares of entirely organic vineyards and 6 of woods. For hot water and heating, the heat captured by 14 geothermal wells is used and a large part of the electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels.

The bottaia was also built, a room for the production of the classic method sparkling wine and a space dedicated to wines in the amphorae. An important investment, which saw the architectural recovery of a classic Romagna hay barn.

“High quality wine, with important positions, also needs to be told, tasted and lived at the place of production – says Marco Nannetti, President of Terre Cevico – A project that therefore aims to develop strong and structured synergies and connections in Romagna with the sectors of tourism, culture and gastronomy. We want to further contribute to the recognition of the added value it deserves in Italy and in the world of wine. ”

So the wine tourist can go to the estate to taste the wines, visit the vineyards and the cellar. It will also be possible to use the services by booking using the special link from the website http://www.masselina.it.

At Vinitaly, this project was launched in great style, which is added as a fundamental piece to the mosaic of Romagna oenology.

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