Wine Tour Australia 2018: Springtime for Bourgogne Wines Down Under!

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) is offering training and press meetings during the Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Wine Tour.
The second edition of Wine Tour Australia will allow the around 20 winegrowers and négociants from the Bourgogne winegrowing region who have signed up for the 2018 event to offer tastings of their wine to Australian market influencers, including sommeliers, importers, and distributors.

The aim of the event is twofold:
•   To raise awareness among and train Australian wine professionals in the specifics of Bourgogne wines
•   To deepen relations with this market which offers some fine potential for Bourgogne wines

In parallel, the BIVB is offering some targeted training for this market.

Two events have been organized:
•   Melbourne, 30 October: Two masterclasses as sidebars to the tasting in the Grand Hyatt hotel. A morning session is open to all local wine industry professionals and will present lesser-known Village appellations. The second will be exclusively for sommeliers and will explore the notion of Climat.
•   Sydney, 1 November: Two masterclasses will be held at Doltone House, Hyde Park, the same location as the tastings.

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