September is the “Wine Month” in California

©Visit California

The Golden State wine regions such as Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles are famous all over the world for their prized locally produced bottles.

But it is only a small portion of the wine production, which is carried out in the entire state, from Siskiyou County, to the north, to the Cucamonga Valley in southern California. In fact, 49 of the 58 Californian counties are, in fact, cultivated vines and the perfect event to celebrate its importance, regardless of which part of the State you are visiting, is the California Wine Month, organized during the entire month of September, from 2004.
In fact, some of the most famous vines are found, on average, a couple of hours drive from the main metropolitan areas, including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

©Visit California


The California Wine Month is an initiative that affects the whole of California and that coincides with the month of the harvest, providing tastings, festivals, concerts, tours and menus of the best chefs and winemakers, rigorously accompanied by tasty local wines.

Among the most suggestive experiences planned for the Wine Month in California, it is possible to taste different qualities of wine, but also give a hand in the production of grape must, visit suggestive family cellars, have the opportunity to meet the leading experts and winemakers and enjoy special tours aboard a tractor or wagon in the vineyard.

The Golden State produces an average of 85% of US wine production, and during these celebrations, visitors are invited to try out everything the different Californian wine regions have to offer.

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