The Cave de Prestige 2018 selections are announced!

The awards ceremony for those wines selected for the Bourgogne wines Cave de Prestige was held on Thursday 14 June in Beaune, in the presence of François Labet, President of the BIVB.
This gathering, which has been taking place annually for almost three decades, is both the opportunity to unveil the wines selected for the Cave de Prestige showcase, but also for the President of the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) to deliver a speech. In it, he hailed the quality of the wines, which is improving year-on-year, and reminded the winning producers that their wines will be representing the region over the next 12 months, through the BIVB’s promotional and training activities in France and around the world.

An edition with lots of competition!

In 2018, of the 1,138 samples submitted, 218 cuvées were selected (68% from estates, 9% from cellars, and 23% from négociants), representing 19.2% of the original submissions. This high percentage is a very good indicator of the level of excellence of those wines picked.

The 2016 vintage was the most popular, accounting for 133 wines out of 218. Its quality is incontestable, given the scores obtained.

The BIVB buys all the wines selected for the Cave de Prestige. In 2018, almost 14,500 bottles were purchased, of which 2,500 were presented at the Cité du Vins in Bordeaux.

Among the 134 winning producers were:

•   18 estates, cellars, or maisons included for the first time in the Cave de Prestige
•   34 companies made a return for this edition

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