Franciacorta, Camilucci

Passion, research, meticulous attention to detail, an eye to the past but the face towards the future: these are the characteristics of the Camilucci company.
The wine estates is located in the heart of Franciacorta, Italy, in a beautiful hilly area, particularly suitable for viticulture, with vineyards in the Municipalities of Rodengo Saiano, Ome, Monticelli Brusati and Gussago, a few kilometers away from Lake Iseo and Brescia.
Over the years, Stefano Camilucci has made his life an ancient family activity, creating a project that gathers with love and enthusiasm the poetry of his land and projects it with an enlightened slant towards new horizons. A careful, innovative winemaking, aiming at a modern, natural and authentic product. A Franciacorta that seeks aromas, balance and elegance, which marries the drinkability and the satisfaction of the senses. Unique wines, close to their origins, which aim to be remembered.

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