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Felix Callejo, a winery in the heart of Spain #wine #Spain #winery

floresdecallejo01Felix Callejo was born in Sotillo de la Ribera, Spain, in a family with a long tradition in the world of wine. He had always dreamed on elaborating his own wine and in 1989 he achieved his goal with success.

Since 1999 he takes care of the technical management of the winery, the vineyard and the winemaking process.

The vineyard, that is exclusively Tempranillo is situated in Sotillo de la Ribera, in the province of Burgos. The high altitude is the responsibñe for large temperature contrasts which improve the maturity of the grapes. Moreover, the variety of soils that are found in the vineyard gives their wines a wealth of nuances.

The main feature in their winemaking process is based on the use of indigenous yeasts and once the fermentation is finished, wines gain complexity in exclusively French oak barrels.

Flores de Callejo 2013, one of their most famous wine, is a red wine very aromatic with marked notes of berries. It is 100% Tempranillo and it is kept 6 months in barrel.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

Fattoria San Francesco’s Wines win five gold medals #wine #Italy

On March 2015, the 54th National Competition of Wines DOCG-DOC-IGT organized by Mostra Nazzionale Vini-Pramaggiore took place in Pramaggiore (Venezia) as it does every year.

The wine competition where each comittee is made up to five oenologists who are selected by the Italian Association of Oenologists, awarded this year with five gold medals to Fattoria San francesco’s wines.

The primary condition to obtain a gold medal in this competition consists on the achievement of a minimun score of 80/100 points, and this year, San Francesco’s wines met this goal with the following wines mentioned:


-Cirò D.O.C. Rosso Classico “San Francesco” 2013

-Cirò D.O.C. Rosato “San Francesco” 2014

-Cirò D.O.C. Bianco “San Francesco” 2014

-Calabria I.G.T. Bianco “Settemari” 2014

-Calabria I.G.T. Rosato “Donna Rosa” 2014


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

Wines from Spain: Bancal del Bosc white 2013 #spain #wine #catalunya

foto-1-7-300x264Bancal del Bosc Blanc 2013, which its denomination of origin is Montsant, is an incursion that the Spanish winery Vynes Domènech (Tarragona, Spain) presented two years ago with the harvest of 2013.

Vynes Domènech winery is an innovative project focused on the GreenCeller including organic vineyard,bioclimatic architecture and green technologies.

With a variety of 60% of white grenache and after an elaboration that took 5 months with fine lees in stainless steel, Bancal del Bosc Blanc 2013 is a very pleasant wine able to convince everyone.

It is characterized by a straw yellow color with an intense aroma of fresh white fruit, mainly pear and apple with touches of citrus fruit. Moreover, it has a liqueur flavor that is very fine leaving a long lingering end. Therefore, it is a perfect wine to be combined with fish, seafood, cheese, white meat or snacks.

After the success of the winery with their first white wine called Rita, Bancal del Bosc Blanc 2013 becomes the second white wine reference of this acclaimed cellar.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

Why Mendoza is the most important wine region of Argentina? #Mendoza #wines #Argentina #GreatWineCapitals


The availability of pure meltwater from The Andes, the structure of arid soils and the abundance of sunshine are some of the natural competitive advantages that this region enjoys.

All of them, together with new infrastructures and new technologies investment had allowed Mendoza enhancing competitiveness and its wine’s diversity.

Mendoza, the most important wine region of Argentina covers around the 80% of the country’s wine production. Due to its brilliant characteristics, the result is the obtention of excellent wines and it is for this reason that it has been selected as one of the Great Wine Capitals.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.

Uruguayan wines exceed expectations in Expo Milan 2015 #wine #Uruguay #expo #Milan


Until now, the success of Uruguayan wines on the pavilion of Expo Milan 2015, goes much further than the expectations thought. This result could opens eyes to new possibilities of increasing exports.

The international megaexposition that started on May 1, shows the country with a board and careful selection of wines to be offered to its clientele.

The participant wineries are Juanicó, Carrau, De Lucca, Garzón, Estancia La Cruz and Grupo Traversa and they were selected by the National Wine Institute of Uruguay.

From the very beginning, the public assistance estimated was around 250 and 300 every day, but during the first fifteen days it achieved 400 diners daily.

The economic effort needed for the participation in this international event has been evaluated and an important boost is expected to increase the volume of exports, mainly on those wines with a preferential quality.

Patricia Fernández Ruiz



FEB.14.2013 – La Truffe Noire is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’s one of the most prestigious restaurants in Brussels and its chef, Luigi Ciciriello is a unique personnality to meet.

luigi2Luigi CICIRIELLO has the exquisite and friendly character of self made men who made of their life a success story because they worked a lot with obstination and sense for beauty and quality.

La TRUFFE NOIRE is a restaurant for ministers, diplomats, business men, and all who like to spoil themselves because they know when they open the door, they won’t be deceived and will have an exceptional moment in this 1 Michelin star restaurant.

The journey of Luigi in the wine and restaurant world is long and very rich. Luigi worked for Abel Bernard, the renowned chef of the Cravache d’Or, which was the place to be in the eighties in Brussels, at the Place Leemans.  Luigi also knows everything about wine because he was elected best sommelier of Belgium thirty years ago.

The truffle came to Luigi and took his heart. Preparing a dish with a so exquisite mushroom is always a great  moment when the two loyal chefs of Luigi compose delicious symphonies with the truffles. As Luigi, the best expert of Brussels said:  “good truffles can be found in France, in Italy, in Croatia…it depends.” Climate, time and weather are so influential for the quality of this luxe product.

We can only advise you to go and have lunch or dinner in the beautifully decorated restaurant room of “La Truffe Noire” (with lovely art works of a Belgian artist representing the truffles) or in one of the intimist lounges where you’ll feel so good with a lovely lady and a good wine. A never to miss experience


Gusto in scena” the annual meeting of italian taste performed in the splendid frame of the Venice Lagoon will be held from 17th to 19th march.


This year at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, an architectural complex of incredible beauty founded in 1261, more than 20 internationally renowned chefs will attend the event. Thanks to the collaboration of the Fondazione Italia-Cina, the event will also examine strategies to open new paths to the Asian market and it will enhance the heroic viticulture.

Sugar will be a key issue of the 5th edition of Gusto in Scena. For the appointment of 2013, in fact, Marcello Coronini, journalist and critic of food and wine, launches a new original idea: “Cooking with … Cooking without … Sugar.” This will be really challenging for the big names of Italian cuisine attending the event.  The festival has further renewed its formula of three principal events in one and also side-happenings: the Congress of haute cuisine, Chefs in Concert, The Magnificent Wines, a big tasting with Italian and international wines, Gourmet Seductions, a series of culinary whims.

More information and updates on the official website:

Henry Borzi

Marcolini chocolatier opens in Monaco

After opening thirty boutiques throughout the world, the famous Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, moved to Monaco on the Boulevard des Moulins.


Pierre Marcolini’s commitment in chocolate is total. The belgian chocolatier is internationally renowned and world Champion in pastry, seeking the best “crus”, the best cocoa beans. Marcolini travels the globe to meet himself the farmers. He still offers them a higher price than the market price “to secure the market.”

The Belgian Pierre Marcolini, opened his first store in Brussels in 1995. A decade later, he inaugurated outlets in Paris, London, New York and Kuwait as well as several in Tokyo and numerous ones in Belgium. Pierre Marcoloni is one of the rare chocolatiers roasting his own cocoa beans. For the search of quality and excellence, its artisans and himself are present at all stages of the processing, from the selection of the bean to the creation of chocolates “haute couture”. The secret is the fantastic creativity displayed by this master chocolatier. In his chocolates you can find unusual fruit, such as apple, pear, blackcurrent and melon and also rare ingredients for chocolate such as pepper, chestnut, tonka beans and even patchouli, sandalwood and oak.

Bombons de chocolat, carré, macarons, these are real avant-garde creations, exquisite and refined products.

Henry Borzi

Goose for St.Martin at Alajmo “La Montecchia”

La Montecchia restaturant in Italy in the province of Padua, preapares an idyllic menu on occasion of St.martin’s day.

With one Michelin star since 2009, restaurant “La Montecchia” is considered almost one of the best restaurants in the Veneto region, featuring traditional regional dishes, reinterpreted and lightened by Max Alajmo, as well as great wines from the surrounding area.
“Chi no magna l’oca a San Martin nol fa el beco de un quatrin!” is a famous venetian proverb that suggest, goose should be eaten on St. Martin’s day in hope of prosperity in the months to come.
A goose-based tasting menu will be served at both lunch and dinner, to celebrate the good fortune at La Montecchia.
Lets a have a look at the menu for goose’s lovers:

Passed canapes (only before dinner)

Cappuccino of duck and tomato ragù
Fried polenta with radicchio and goose
Chicken liver tartlet
Treviso Radicchio with balsamic vinegar and star anise
Fried apples with cinnamon

Millesimato 2006 Fattoria Monte Fasolo
Friulano Spumante 2008 Il Dominio di Bagnoli

At the table

Hot polenta cream with foie gras gelato and mushrooms
Acinidoro 2010 La Montecchia
Goose ragù and mandarin lasagnetta

Merlot riserva 2007 Salvan
“Clever” goose braised with chestnuts and endive
Il Serro 2008 Il Mottolo
Pomegranate and Alchermes sorbet
Alma Mater crème brûlée
Fior d’Arancio passito 2007 Zanovello

›Restaurant “La Montecchia” , Selvazzano dentro (Pd) Italy

Henry Borzi


Domaines Vinsmoselle , the largest producer of wines and sparkling in the Grand-Duchy of  Luxemburg launched with fanfare “Pinot Luxembourg”.

This is an blend of three pinots that make the reputation of the Moselle vineyards: Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.

A big  action is launched for the summer at the Belgian coast to publicize this new product. It  will be particularly attractive with the mussels from the North Sea, a very popular dish  in Belgium. Eleven coast trams will carry the colors of “Pinot Luxembourg”. There will be competitions to win bottles of “Pinot Luxembourg”, recipes, shooting videos, and full of surprises concocted all this summer by Vinsmoselle.

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