Goose for St.Martin at Alajmo “La Montecchia”

La Montecchia restaturant in Italy in the province of Padua, preapares an idyllic menu on occasion of St.martin’s day.

With one Michelin star since 2009, restaurant “La Montecchia” is considered almost one of the best restaurants in the Veneto region, featuring traditional regional dishes, reinterpreted and lightened by Max Alajmo, as well as great wines from the surrounding area.
“Chi no magna l’oca a San Martin nol fa el beco de un quatrin!” is a famous venetian proverb that suggest, goose should be eaten on St. Martin’s day in hope of prosperity in the months to come.
A goose-based tasting menu will be served at both lunch and dinner, to celebrate the good fortune at La Montecchia.
Lets a have a look at the menu for goose’s lovers:

Passed canapes (only before dinner)

Cappuccino of duck and tomato ragù
Fried polenta with radicchio and goose
Chicken liver tartlet
Treviso Radicchio with balsamic vinegar and star anise
Fried apples with cinnamon

Millesimato 2006 Fattoria Monte Fasolo
Friulano Spumante 2008 Il Dominio di Bagnoli

At the table

Hot polenta cream with foie gras gelato and mushrooms
Acinidoro 2010 La Montecchia
Goose ragù and mandarin lasagnetta

Merlot riserva 2007 Salvan
“Clever” goose braised with chestnuts and endive
Il Serro 2008 Il Mottolo
Pomegranate and Alchermes sorbet
Alma Mater crème brûlée
Fior d’Arancio passito 2007 Zanovello

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Henry Borzi