FEB.14.2013 – La Truffe Noire is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’s one of the most prestigious restaurants in Brussels and its chef, Luigi Ciciriello is a unique personnality to meet.

luigi2Luigi CICIRIELLO has the exquisite and friendly character of self made men who made of their life a success story because they worked a lot with obstination and sense for beauty and quality.

La TRUFFE NOIRE is a restaurant for ministers, diplomats, business men, and all who like to spoil themselves because they know when they open the door, they won’t be deceived and will have an exceptional moment in this 1 Michelin star restaurant.

The journey of Luigi in the wine and restaurant world is long and very rich. Luigi worked for Abel Bernard, the renowned chef of the Cravache d’Or, which was the place to be in the eighties in Brussels, at the Place Leemans.  Luigi also knows everything about wine because he was elected best sommelier of Belgium thirty years ago.

The truffle came to Luigi and took his heart. Preparing a dish with a so exquisite mushroom is always a great  moment when the two loyal chefs of Luigi compose delicious symphonies with the truffles. As Luigi, the best expert of Brussels said:  “good truffles can be found in France, in Italy, in Croatia…it depends.” Climate, time and weather are so influential for the quality of this luxe product.

We can only advise you to go and have lunch or dinner in the beautifully decorated restaurant room of “La Truffe Noire” (with lovely art works of a Belgian artist representing the truffles) or in one of the intimist lounges where you’ll feel so good with a lovely lady and a good wine. A never to miss experience