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Miolo Quinta do Seival Alvarinho, Brazilian wine with Portuguese essence

Label was the big winner in the category ‘Brancos de outras castas e cortes‘ in the Great Event Wines of Brazil

A wine with a Brazilian signature and Portuguese essence: Quinta do Seival Alvarinho is the first Alvarinho wine made in Brazil with one of the grapes icons of Portugal. The Miolo winery invested in its adaptation in the terroir of the Southern Campaign in Rio Grande do Sul, in order to extract unique characteristics and express the whole personality of a great wine.

The first vines of alvarinho were planted in 2003, in our vineyards in the Southern Campaign / RS. It is a liquid relic. It is a unique wine of a Portuguese variety very much in vogue, but still little cultivated in Brazil. The Quinta do Seival Alvarinho is a label that reminds us of our Portuguese heritage and the historical connections between the two countries “, summarizes Adriano Miolo, superintendent of the group.

Versatile and medium intensity aromatic, has notes of peach, mango and honey. Its straw-yellow color translates all the elegance of the wine, whose label is a re-reading of the baroque, artistic movement of great influence in the Portuguese aesthetics of the XVI to XVIII centuries.

The high quality of this white wine with Brazilian DNA and Portuguese soul has just been recognized in the Great Wine Tasting 2017. Among the hundreds of samples tasted the Quinta do Seival Alvarinho stood out as the great winner in the category “Brancos de outras castas e cortes” being one of the 30 winners of the competition, which reinforces its perfect adaptation to the terroir of the Campaign and the excellent work that Miolo has been developing with the caste.

In addition to the Quinta do Seival Alvarinho, 8 other Miolo wines elaborated in the Rio Grande do Sul projects won Gold Medals at the tasting: Miolo Millésime Brut 2012, Miolo Tempranillo Reserva 2015, Miolo Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Miolo Reserva Pinot Noir 2016, Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut Rosé, Miolo Cuvée Tradition Demi-Sec, Miolo Cuvée Giuseppe Chardonnay 2015 and Miolo Selection Pinot Grigio / Riesling 2016.

From the vineyards of the brand in the Valley of the São Francisco (BA) also received Gold Medals the sparkling Terranova Moscatel and Terranova Brut Rosé, and the red Testardi Syrah.

Recovered the first sea refined Brazilian wine

Miolo the Brazilian wine estate, announces the recovery of the first batch of aged Brazilian sparkling wine in an underwater cave. The company is the first and only in Brazil to use this method.

The operation was carried out on 12 October, 12 months after Miolo Cuvée Brut diving in the Brittany Sea, France. The labels will reach the Brazilian and European markets by the end of this year, for a special and limited edition.

“In Brazil and Europe there are high expectations regarding the withdrawal of bottles from the sea. We are approaching the end of the year, an expressive moment for sparkling wine sales and no doubt, lovers and collectors will want to have in their cellars and the first Brazilian product aged in an underwater cave, “says Adriano Miolo, superintendent of the Brazilian group.

Strategically immersed in the island of Ouessant, in the region known as Baie du Stiff, bottles of Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut have been kept in contact with sea temperatures (11 to 13 ° C). The underwater cave creates ideal conditions for aging wines: darkness, total humidity, constant temperature and pressure.

According to Director Adriano, the effects of conservation of sparkling wines on the seabed are observed in laboratory tests and tastings. A submerged label has up to 10 times more molecular compounds than those aged with traditional methods; these compounds are responsible for the formation of aromas and complexity of the beverage. In the tests the results indicate the quality of the method: sparkling wines have a richer floral flavor, complexity, freshness and clear notes of butter and nuts.

New lots in 2018

In 2018 it will be possible to appreciate the results of the aging of another Miolo in a submerged cave: Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut Rosé, in an even smaller edition. A small batch of the product rests in the Brittany Sea from June this year and has to stay there for 12 months. A second batch of Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut was also submerged in June and will arrive in the market next year.

The labels of the Miolo Cuvée Tradition line are processed in the Vale dos Vinhedos in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, with Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes using the traditional method, ie fermentation in the bottle itself; the process is the same as used by French maisons for processing Champagne.

Harvest in the moonlight, presented by Miolo cellar


The Miolo winery announces the launch of the 2017 harvest of one of its most unusual wines: the Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Colheita Noturna, made from grapes harvested in the cool dawns of the promising region of Campanha, in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).

 The poetic process of elaboration counted on a new technology of nocturnal mechanized harvest, implemented in Brazil in 2016 by the Miolo group, that launched, in the occasion, the first national wine coming from grapes harvested at night mechanically. All the procedures were accompanied by a team of the group, who made an inversion of schedules to dedicate themselves to the elaboration of the new Reserva Sauvignon Blanc.

 “We hide the curls of sunlight during the maturation so that in the moonlight we can harvest. The grapes come fresh to the winery for the beginning of the elaboration, which allows to preserve the aromas and to bring new characteristics to the fruit and, consequently, to the wine “, explains the oenologist and superintendent of the brand, Adriano Miolo.

He notes that the main differential of the process is the influence of low temperatures at night. The colder period preserves the green colors of the must, influencing not only the taste and aroma of the wine, but also its coloration.

“At dawn, the grape is chilled and has a different aromatic preservation from the fruit harvested during the day at high temperatures. We control the temperature of the Sauvignon Blanc still on the vine, allowing to highlight and explore some of its potentialities, in addition to maintaining its natural acidity, “details Adriano.

 Crystalline and young, the label is the expression of the romanticism of the harvest under the light of the moon. Elaborated “ice”,  should be consumed: the ideal temperature to enjoy the new Reserva Sauvignon Blanc is 8 ° C. Besides being ideal as an appetizer, it is the perfect companion for salads, fish, white meats, pastas, pizzas and cheeses. As it is a white wine with pronounced acid freshness, it harmonizes with light and medium-bodied foods. By contrast, it goes well with fatty foods and with tenderness to sweetness.

Sebastiano Sanna

ExpoVinis Brasil 21st edition


Luis Gutiérrez, of The Wine Advocate magazine – of the critic Robert Parker – comes to the country exclusively to give lecture at Forum ExpoVinis.

Between June 6 and 8, 2017, São Paulo (SP) will host the 21st edition of ExpoVinis Brasil, considered the main meeting of wines in Latin America, with more than 400 exhibiting brands. They are red, white, rosé and sparkling, with three days of intense programming for professionals and drinkers. In addition to tastings, the fair promotes business roundtables, lectures and special events, conducted by professionals who are a reference in the market.

Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Argentina are some of the countries that have already confirmed their presence at ExpoVinis, where they will present their trends in consumption and production. Important associations, such as the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) and Wines of Chile, will organize the participation of wineries representing their terroirs. The visitor will be able to make a true return to the world of wine through their glasses, as well as close deals with some of the main players in the segment.

Forum ExpoVinis

The first two days of ExpoVinis Brasil will be dedicated to the discussion of current events in wine production and marketing. To do so, it will bring renowned international critic Luis Gutiérrez (photo), who is part of the group of tasters of the magazine The Wine Advocate, signed by Robert Parker, maximum reference in the world of wine.

On June 6, Tuesday, Luis Gutiérrez speaks on the theme ‘The Rumors of the World Wine Industry in the Post-Robert Parker Era – How will the scoring scales and their influence on the wine market in Brazil be reconfigured’. Also will be discussed by market experts ‘Organic Wines and Biodynamic Production’, the ‘Trends and Perspectives of Chilean Wine’ and ‘The Diversity of Brazilian Wine Regions’.

On Wednesday, June 7, the Fórum ExpoVinis will be dedicated to importers, restaurants and retailers. Ari Gorenstein, CEO of the online store Evino, will address ‘E-Commerce in the Wine Sector and Loyalty Programs’. With focus on restaurants, ‘Innovation in Wine Chart Composition – How Great Sommeliers Compose Their Letters’ is the theme of the sommeliers John Pichetti’s lecture, restaurant D.O.M., and Thiago Locatelli, Varanda Grill.

Jorge Lucki, consultant at ExpoVinis Brazil and one of the most renowned wine columnists in the country, will talk about ‘Harmonizations of classic and daring wines’. Then, the sommelier Gabriela Bigarelli presents the theme ‘Improving the Relationship with Importers – Price and Tax Management’. ‘Trends in Wine Bar Allied to Good Food’ is the talk of Rafael Ilan, a member of the Bardega Wine Bar.

The Fórum ExpoVinis will conclude with the discussions on wine retail: how to work wine in a scenario of economic instability, portfolio diversification, how to increase retail profitability through direct import and the price ratio of imported and national wines.

The complete grid with the schedules and all themes will be announced shortly in

Chile leads the imported wine market in Brazil



The Brazilians increased the consumption of Chilean wines in 2016 and again Chile closed the year leading freely the ranking of imported wines in Brazil. This is what International Consulting recently points out: Last year, growth in relation to 2015 was 14% in value and 18% in volume, representing a market share of 44% in value and 48% in volume, more than double of Argentina, which holds 16%.

 Wines of Chile, the association that represents the Chilean wine industry, operates in Brazil with participation in some of the major wine events, as well as its own activities, such as the long awaited Tasting Wines of Chile in São Paulo, one of the most important events of the national wine calendar.

In 2017 the activities begin with the participation in ExpoVinis Brasil, the main wine fair in Latin America that takes place in São Paulo from June 6th to 9th. To introduce visitors to the news of one of the most diversified terroirs in the world, WOC will bring the trends and highlights of the wineries: Alto Quilipin, Aresti, Bouchon Family Wines, Doña Javiera, La Ronciere, MontGras, Pérez Cruz, Sur Valles Wine Group and Sutil Family Wines.

 “The activities carried out by Wines of Chile in Brazil have as main objective to present the diversity of terroirs, valleys, grapes and techniques of the wine industry in Chile. The high quality and variety of our labels are validated by the Brazilian consumer, who year after year has appreciated Chilean wines more and more “, summarizes Angelica Valenzuela, commercial director of Wines of Chile, who will come to São Paulo especially for the event.

Miolo presents exclusive line at Prowein 2017

The Miolo winery has prepared an exclusive launch for its participation in Prowein 2017, one of the world’s leading wine fairs, which takes place from March 19-21 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

During the event, aimed at professionals in the segment, will be presented the Seival line, created especially for the external market. The wines are already marketed in the United States and China and will be presented for the first time in Europe.

In the versions Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tannat, Pinotage, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc Seival wines have labels developed exclusively for the international line, directed to the entrants in the world of wine, because the products are light, uncomplicated and of excellent cost per benefit.

 “We are confident that Seival’s presentation at Prowein will bring excellent business to Miolo in Europe, where our products are already recognized and widely consumed. Adapting the wines to the international market is a strategic decision that considers the particularities and preferences of the consumers of other countries. This perception and identification is a result of the successful work of our export sector, which is in constant contact with consumption trends abroad, “summarizes Adriano Miolo, the group’s superintendent.

Successful in Europe, especially in France, the sparkling Miolo Cuvée Tradition will also be featured in the brand space at Prowein. The focus will be the Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut, which in 2016 was the most popular national sparkling wine in Paris. This great achievement has given rise to an unprecedented international campaign: a lot of the sparkling wine now rests in a submerged basement in the sea of the Bretagne region of France, from where it will be removed in the second half of 2017 and marketed in a special and limited edition In Brazil and in Europe.


Espumante do mar: Miolo is the first Brazilian winemaker to immerse bottles in underwater cave

unnamedSubmerged sparkling wines have 10 times more molecular compounds than those aged by the traditional method. Richer and floral flavor and clear notes of butter and nuts were also observed.

To celebrate the successful sales of the Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut sparkling wine on French soil, Miolo Group bets on a unique system of aging and stabilization of the product: the immersion of bottles in underwater cellars.

Just over two months ago, a lot of sparkling wine celebrated in the foreign market was immersed in the sea of the province of Bretagne, France in the North Atlantic.

The whole operation was carried out in underwater cellars, creating ideal conditions, not only to age, but also to confer unique characteristics to the wines submitted to this process.

Strategically immersed in the island of Ouessant, in the region known as Baie du Stiff, bottles of Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut are in contact with sea temperatures (between 11 and 13 ° C) and air (8 to 10 ° C) Besides receiving the beneficent influences of the constant and gentle sea agitation.

According to Adriano Miolo the surprising effects resulting from the conditions of conservation of the bottles are observed in laboratory tests and tastings frequently performed to accompany the ripening of the beverage submitted to the immersion process. “In a mass spectrometry analysis, for example, a submerged foamer presented 10 times more molecular compounds than those aged by the traditional method. These compounds are responsible for the formation of the aromas and the complexity of the wine. ”

ffdsfdsfStill according to Adriano Miolo, in blind tastings conducted by specialists in the area, the results brought some relevant highlights to affirm the quality of the process: the sparkling wines present a richer and more floral flavor, they acquire complexity without losing the freshness perceiving itself, also, clear notes of butter and nuts.

The bottles of Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut are arranged horizontally in a special container and will stand for one year in the submerged cellar. The sparkling wines will be removed from the sea in November this year and marketed in Brazil and France in a special edition.

The Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut is made in the Vale dos Vinhedos (RS) with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes by the Traditional Method (with fermentation in the bottle itself).

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