Rio Bravo, “Espumante” from Brazil

quemsomos_img_2We are in in Serra Gaucha in the south of Brazil a region renowned for its excellent wines and natural beauty.

The history of the Mioranza Winery begins in 1964, when the Italian family Mioranza begins with the cultivation of vines in the town Flores da Cunha town.

Achieving excellence in winemaking was the focus of Vinícola Mioranza not only having the best grapes, climate and soil but also relying on the tradition of its ancestors combined with modern processes and equipment for the perfect winemaking.

Over the years, Mioranza underwent several stages of improvement. The grape production is almost entirely in its own vineyards.

Investment in advanced technology, which includes equipment used in cultivation, modern analysis techniques and product storage, is also a factor that adds even more quality. In each bottle of wine there is a bit of its history, making all the wines have their characteristic so unique and striking.

In a region with excellent climate, soil and grapes, could only be born special wines.

produto_8625874We tasted Rio Bravo brand dedicated to sparkling wines.

Rio Bravo is the brand that characterizes sparkling wines that mixes the elegance of the best sparkling wines in the world with the lightness and relaxation of the Brazilian way of life.

Elaboration from fine grapes by the Charmat method, where the fermentation occurs in autoclaves with temperature and pressure control.


Rio Bravo Brut

This sparkling wine is made with a mixture of fine grapes Chardonnay, Riesling Italic and Pinot Noir, which give floral and fruit aromas, structure and body.

It Is straw yellow coloration with greenish reflections, clear visual appearance. The nose is fruity with scents of pineapple, green apple and pear. In the mouth is soft and with good freshness. It has balanced acidity and a surprising aftertaste.

Perfect with red meat or with cakes..produto_1486775


Rio Bravo Moscatel

This “Espumante” is made by a mixture of fine grapes Moscato, Giallo and Alexandria, which give floral and fruit aromas, structure and body to the sparkling wine. It appears very straw yellow with scent of fruits such as peach, vanilla, flowers and spices. It is very fresh in the mouth. Perfect with fish, shellfish and white meat.

Rio Bravo Demi-sec

produto_1941156The Demi-Sec basically is a mixture of grapes Chardonnay, Riesling Itálico and Pinot Noir.

The aroma is composed of fruits like apricot, prune and candied fruits.

It is fresh and soft with balanced acidity and pleasant aftertaste. Ideal with spaghetti  and grilled chicken.