Elisabetta Gardini MEP  wants the European Commission to react to the issue of faked Prosecco.
Indeed, the producers of Prosecco, the sparkling wine from northern Italy, advocated by  azienda Battisti have, with MEP Gardini, raised a t serious problem. Millions and millions of bottles of false Prosecco are produced in Brasil yearly and the commission “has te react” according to Elisabeth Gardini.

According to Mrs. Gardini, “recognition of Prosecco at European level has asked years of work for italian winemakers and an enhancement of land and soil”

“The case will not be easy to solve  as it will force Brazil to intervene and seize the false Prosecco which would be in the world market. This is yet another issue that indicates the need for greater coordination at European level.

An issue to be followed in the coming months