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The absence of hail and diseases has allowed the growth of abundant and healthy clusters, with which the Cellar will produce a soft and aromatic wine

Never vintage was more fruitful for the 600 farmers who were members of the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene: the 2018 harvest of Prosecco Docg of Val D’Oca, opened on 20 August and ended on 30 September, recorded the largest quantity ever collected by the company, with 165.175,89 quintals of wine obtained from the 959 hectares pertaining to it.

Begun in summer with the precocious pinot nero and chardonnay grapes, it continued in mid-September with the manual harvest of Prosecco Superiore DOCG in the banks of Colbertaldo, to continue on the banks of Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza. A complex harvest in this particular area of ​​the Denomination, entrusted only to expert hands because it was carried out on very steep slopes (the Rive, in fact), whose inpatied rows are difficult to access to machinery. It is estimated that, on average, Glera grapes serve from 600 to 700 hours per hectare per year of manual labor compared to 100/150 hours in the flat areas.

A fruitful vintage, therefore, favored by particularly good conditions: no vineyard was hit by downy mildew or botrytis, diseases caused respectively by the Plasmopara fungus and Botrytis mold. Even the weather was mild: there were only a few hectares where hail fell, with limited losses in production.

All this has contributed to producing particular quality bunches, which will allow us to create excellent aromatic and soft wines this year too. The grapes harvested, among other things, have a slightly lower gradation than last year, more than adequate for the production of Sparkling Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

A result that supports the data recently released by Coldiretti on the basis of the Ismea data for the first nine months of the year, which reveal that sparkling wine rose by 7.8% due to growth in Italian purchases. it has become a product of daily consumption, no longer limited only to recurrences.

The Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG harvest opens with optimistic predictions

It has officially begun the Prosecco DOCG Val D’Oca harvest: in the Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene, the tractors are filled with the grapes of the 600 member farmers, ready for processing. The manual harvest of Prosecco Superiore DOCG began on Monday 15 September in the banks of Colbertaldo and, probably, will continue more slowly until the end of the month, in the other shores as the grapes are still ripening.

This year the conditions of the vines are particularly good: no crop has been affected by downy mildew, a serious disease caused by a fungus, or by botrytis, mold caused by a pathogen. To date, moreover, only 50 hectares hit by hail, with losses of around 30%. All this makes us hope for an excellent year, which will offer Spumante and Prosecco Superiore of high quality, enough to allow for 20% more production compared to the 2017 harvest (a vintage that should be mentioned as poor due to the low fertility of the buds and further decimated by the late April frost). “We are pleased with how the first part of the harvest is going” – commented the general director Aldo Franchi. “We are grateful to nature, which this year has given us a good fertility of the vine. Most likely this year we will reach the record of conferring grapes, about 160.00 quintals. An important share, which will bring our Prosecco to the tables, a wine recognized among the best in the world, an expression of our beloved territory, guaranteed in quality from the vine to the bottle. “.