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Vinchio Vaglio: the Nest of Barbera

The story of the Vinchio and Vaglio winery is a love story where the inhabitants of these two villages transformed a difficult and poor, inarable land with slopes so steep that some local sayings proved true: “S’ot dròca la colassion, it la treuvi pì!” (if you drop your breakfast, you won’t find it again!) or “S’ot dròca ël bertin, ot toca curije drera fin ant la val” (if your hat blows off in the wind, you’ll need to run down to the end of the valley to get it”). The name results from both Vinchio and Vaglio Serra villages where 19 vine growers used to live and founded the cooperative in 1959. The winery is located in Piedmont, Monferrato, core zone of UNESCO World Heritage Patrimony, right at the foot of the Alps. This area with its steep slopes and overhanging vineyards at the edge of the woods has been tended and “tamed” to dramatic effort, where every single drop of the “Ruby of Vinchio” (Barbera wine) equates to thousands of drops (and certainly not an exaggeration!) of farmers’ sweat. However, the vineyards have never failed to reward their hard work. These vine rows, in fact, repay the industrious farmers with grapes of rare and exceptional quality. Nowadays the cooperative represents 192 family vine growers who take daily care of 450 hectares mostly planted in Barbera grapes (60% of our production) and all other indigenous grapes from Piedmont such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Ruché, Albarossa, Grignolino, Arneis, Cortese, Moscato and Brachetto. The territory is characterized by a distinctive terroir of calcareous soils and sandy soils in Vinchio and mostly clay soils in Vaglio Serra what makes the Barbera of Vinchio Vaglio unique for the structure (white soils), elegance (sandy soils) and aromas (clay soils). The sun usually shines all day on these hills, there is seldom hoarfrost or fog and no shadow. Great wines grow on these hills.


Vinitaly closed the doors with attendance of 148,000 visitors as +6% (53,000 international). Vinitaly 2013 strengthened its position as the leading international wine business exhibition. Top quality operators during the four-day event in Verona were able to contact more than 4,200 exhibitors from over 20 countries.

vinitaly 2 038The upward trend was evident right from the first day – and final facts and figures clearly confirm this impression.
“We achieved attendance of 148 thousand people, including 53 thousand international from XX countries: this is an important result for one of the major ‘Made in Italy’ sectors – one that still drives the country’s balance of trade as well as providing employment and income in local areas as well as holding high the image of Italy world-wide. A 6% increase in the total visitors rewards more than 4,200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries investing in Vinitaly, thereby clearly acknowledging the international centrality of the exhibition,” said the President of Veronafiere, Ettore Riello

“This increase of 10% in international involvement over 2012,” added 
Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, “was equally accompanied by the high quality of visitors. Visitors increasingly include specialised international operators and buyers not only from traditional markets but also from emerging countries, where there is growing interest in Italian wine, such as China and Russia.”
Even more journalists attended the event: 2,643 from 47 countries compared to 2,494 from 42 nations in 2012. 

The international market

A fundamental contribution to such success was the incoming promotional activity implemented Veronafiere through Vinitaly International and its representatives in 60 countries, which made it possible to welcome trade delegations from all continents to Verona, as well as the agreement with 
ICE – the Italian Agency for International Promotion and Internationalisation of Italian Companies.
OperaWine is one of these events: while dedicated to foreign buyers, it also has a strongly focus on the US market thanks to collaboration Wine Spectator. Moreover, three focus events were dedicated to China this year alongside attendance at the show by an official delegation from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
Already a showcase for wine all over the world, with 
OperaWineExpo Vinitaly in Verona will also become the most important wine event in the calendar of scheduled events in Italy for the Milan Expo in 2015, thanks to understanding defined with Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015.

During the event, Sace ( the organisation for the development, competitiveness and internationalisation of Italian companies ) presented the latest export report and the guide to high-potential markets 2013-2016 for the wine sector, with a focus on the Veneto. Simest and its CEO Massimo D’Aiuto, on the other hand, outlined a project for promoting Italian “Moscato” wine on foreign markets.
Vinitaly was also the location chosen by 
UnicreditColdirettiCia and Confagricoltura to sign the agreement ensuring the support for the wine sector and the presentation of “UniCredit International for Wine” – a project that provides wine-sector SMEs a dedicated series of services to support exports.

The 2014 edition is already firmly in mind (scheduled 6-9 April): it will welcome the debut of VinitalyBio, a new section of the exhibition dedicated to certified organic wines organised in partnership with FederBio.

Henry Borzi