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The Grillo from Feudo Maccari

thumb_nerodavolaWe are in Noto, Sicily, land rich of history which has seen the passage of different peoples and cultures from the Romans to the Greeks to the Arabs but also the Normans the Aragonese. It is also the “Baroque” capital thanks to its ancient cathedral.

That’s the place where Feudo Maccari lies which covers about 1,000 tumuli, (old unit of the island of Sicily for which one mound is equal to 1,744 square meters) of which about 450 vines, divided into three bodies scattered on hills caressed night and day by the sea breeze. The landscape is characterized by carob trees, olive and almond trees in bloom where sprout almost by magic, the characteristic plant sapling of Nero d’Avola.

The challenge of Feudo Maccari points to climb the quality even on white, or rather a big classic white the Sicilianvino_grillo Grillo.

We tasted the Grillo 2015 Feudo Maccari

The Grillo is a classic wine of the island oenology. A versatile wine grown with the system sapling. The wine is made without skins. Immediately it presented with its typical straw and golden yellow color. The nose almond blossom and citrus fruits are the masters. In the mouth is savory fresh and well balanced.
At the table the Grillo guides us towards seafood plates from seafood to appetizers to first. Excellent also with grilled fish.