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Asti DOCG extra dry, Arione

Arione wine estate led by brothers Mauro and Luca in Castiglione Tinella and Canelli in Piedmont is a family-run business with four generations of Piedmont wine producers.

The company has access to vineyards located in the best Piedmont areas, the Langhe and the Monferrato, where the family jealously guards the initial learnings handed down from the first master winemaker, Luigi Arione, translating them into solid practices.

Arione family has definitely, strong roots connected to the Langhe and Monferrato lands, to the landscapes and the passion for the craft of “making wine”, because being producers here in Piedmont, means great daily challenge.

We tasted: Asti docg extra dry

«Our Extra Dry Asti DOCG, the non-sweet version of the famous Asti DOCG, is a new and innovating product born from the idea of relaunching a sparkling wine that represents the history of our territory and our hills, now belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage” with these words the brothers Mauro and Luca Arione, present their new sparkling wine obtained from Moscato grapes: an absolute novelty that is raising the interest of the market and obtaining the approval among wine-lovers.

This wine is classified “Extra” because it is an extra-dry sparkling wine. In fact, according to the regulations, it has a content of residual sugar between 12 and 17 grams per litre, so clearly less sugar than in the traditional Asti DOCG that has always been produced in sweet version with over 50 grams sugar per litre.

The colour is straw yellow with thin and elegant perlage. The bouquet shows scents reminding sweetness of exotic fruits and the freshness of the garden flowers. In the mouth is well Balanced, fresh savoury and pleasantly dry. It is ideal for a toast with aperitif, fish finger foods and sushi.