Harvest in the moonlight, presented by Miolo cellar


The Miolo winery announces the launch of the 2017 harvest of one of its most unusual wines: the Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Colheita Noturna, made from grapes harvested in the cool dawns of the promising region of Campanha, in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).

 The poetic process of elaboration counted on a new technology of nocturnal mechanized harvest, implemented in Brazil in 2016 by the Miolo group, that launched, in the occasion, the first national wine coming from grapes harvested at night mechanically. All the procedures were accompanied by a team of the group, who made an inversion of schedules to dedicate themselves to the elaboration of the new Reserva Sauvignon Blanc.

 “We hide the curls of sunlight during the maturation so that in the moonlight we can harvest. The grapes come fresh to the winery for the beginning of the elaboration, which allows to preserve the aromas and to bring new characteristics to the fruit and, consequently, to the wine “, explains the oenologist and superintendent of the brand, Adriano Miolo.

He notes that the main differential of the process is the influence of low temperatures at night. The colder period preserves the green colors of the must, influencing not only the taste and aroma of the wine, but also its coloration.

“At dawn, the grape is chilled and has a different aromatic preservation from the fruit harvested during the day at high temperatures. We control the temperature of the Sauvignon Blanc still on the vine, allowing to highlight and explore some of its potentialities, in addition to maintaining its natural acidity, “details Adriano.

 Crystalline and young, the label is the expression of the romanticism of the harvest under the light of the moon. Elaborated “ice”,  should be consumed: the ideal temperature to enjoy the new Reserva Sauvignon Blanc is 8 ° C. Besides being ideal as an appetizer, it is the perfect companion for salads, fish, white meats, pastas, pizzas and cheeses. As it is a white wine with pronounced acid freshness, it harmonizes with light and medium-bodied foods. By contrast, it goes well with fatty foods and with tenderness to sweetness.

Sebastiano Sanna