Mosnel, Parose’ Rose’ pas dose’ Millesimato 2011

origini-proprietaIn the heart of Franciacorta, in Camignone, lies the historic villa with its sixteenth-century cellars and the adjoining lands, evidence of the long winemaking tradition “Mosnel”, the dialect name of Celtic origin meaning stony, heap of stones; on which stands the Company.

All 38 hectares of land are Mosnel properties and cultivation, is conducted with organic methods.

All the vineyards have spur cordon systems or Guyot, with a density between 4000 and 8000 plants per hectare. Hand picking into small boxes, soft pressing and fermentation control then further contribute to obtain the recognized quality of Mosnel Franciacorta.

adadasdasdWe tasted: Parose’ Rose’ pas dose’ Millesimato 2011

The fruit and the elegant touch of Chardonnay melding into the decisive personality of Pinot Noir, is the impressive harmony displayed by Parosé. This wine is composed by 70% Pinot Noir – 30% Chardonnay grape varieties.

The aroma releases orange peel, rhubarb, and redcurrant, rose petals, shot through with a vein of pink pepper. In the mouth, a slight hint of tannin serves as an intriguing foil to the appealing crispness of the fruit, imparting a touch of youthful vigour to the wine. Supple and seductive, clean-edged and crisp, boasting a lengthy, sapid finish hinting of citrus, mixed nuts, and dried fruit, Parosé is truly a gourmet companion for every occasion.