Volutta’ brut sparkling wine from wine farm “Le tende”

sassaasfGenuine appearance, quality and unique of its wines are the characteristics of the wines of the farm “Le tende””. The wines obtained through methods of craftsmanship closely related to the wine-growing traditions of the Garda are grown on more than clay soil plots, ideal environment for native red varieties and white grape and for the international varieties.

This is how the Bianco di Custoza (white), the Bardolino Classico (red), the Bardolino Classico Chiaretto (rosé) and the Bardolino Classico Superiore (superior red) are born: all excellent and typical wine products of the region. Let us not forget the two red Bordeaux-like blends, the Merlot and Cicisbeo, nor the sweet desert wine Amoroso.

These are extraordinary creations of Franco Lucillini. He is an entrepreneur and a designer. In fact, he enhances the appearance of the bottles by designing their labels with the same passion that is used to produce the wine.

A vast estate called “Villa Le Tende” used to extend itself over the enchanting environment of Lake Garda in the Veneto region. This Venetian villa was built in 1880 and the Count of Bevilacqua used to live there. Currently, the villa is surrounded by two hectares of parkland where big lindens and century-old cedars are growing.

asdaassadWe tasted: Voluttà Spumante Brut Bardolino Chiaretto doc
It is an elegant sparkling wine with a delicate and subtle perlage. The nose stands in striking floral mediterranean bouquet. Lingering finish gives character and balance. Ideal with sushi and fish first.