burg02dsddsThe 23rd “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” took place in Plovdiv, an occasion to discover the Bulgarian vineyards.

The main objective of the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” is to introduce new wine regions and authentic wines from leading wine regions from Europe which disserve a place on the international scene. The competition and its ceremony happened this year in the second-largest city of Bulgaria. Plovdiv, with an impressive array of historic, cultural and touristic attractions. It will be then become the next European Capital of Culture  for 2019. During the contest about 8750 wines from 51 countries were tasted by a panel of 320 international experts. Three types of medals were awarded: Grand Gold, Gold and Silver, and it revealed also the excellence of Bulgarian vineyards. With some amazing productions of a very high standard,  which some of them were awarded.

Bulgaria’s nature benefits of a  rich historic past and of an extraordinary biodiversity with a lot of natural ressources like mineral water sources and springs among others. The country does not only produce Yogurt, but is also the second world producer of foie gras. The countries between the Black & Caspian Sea are in fact at the origin and the spread of viticulture. During the communist period Bulgaria was already the 5th world producer of wines, the winemakers are now axing their efforts on quality. The Bulgarian vineyards produce nearly 65% of white wine and about 30% of red wine. The main grapes for white wine are mainly Rkatziteli, Misket, Dimyat, Chardonnay. And for red wine are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pamid among others. About 30% of the total production is exported mostly to Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden and Benelux.

The Burgozone Domain.

The Burgozone Domain.

The “Chateau Burgozone” was awarded of two Gold medal, for its “Chardonnay” 2015 and its “Iris creation” 2014. The castle is named after an ancient Roman fortress that protected the Empire from barbarian invasions, and is located in the plains bordering the Danube to the north of the country. A vineyard of about 100 hectares on a single limestone soil enjoying a warm climate with freshness from the river. Allowing vines to express all their specificities. The main grapes cultivated by the Domain are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Syrah… And trying also to resettle indigenous varietals of the region such as Gamza and Tamjanka. The estate’s wines are regularly awarded to international competitions such as Mundus Vini and the Wine Ethousiast. The house produces minerals, fruity wines with elegant and soft tannins with a nice balance. The pleasure of tasting remains intact, Burgozone wines are indeed good value for monney and can be found in supermarkets.

The « Chardonnay » 2015, won the Gold medal, is a fine, elegant and well balanced white wine with complex aroma of green apple, citrus, tropical fruit and honey. With a small touch of bitterness at the end of mouth. The “Pinot Noir” 2014 has a taste of black fruit, milk chocolate keeping all its freshness, volume, good density and depth with length and velvety mildness. You can both taste the Château Burgozone confortably installed with friends at home or in Bulgary. The Vineyard is of course located on the “ Road of the Vines on the Danube”.  Bulgarian wines are of course a world to better discover, the country has a lot of wonders to discover onsite…


Olivier Bulto