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Siddùra is an area in the heart of Gallura, in Sardinia. This place is near to Luogosanto, a picturesque medieval hamlet with about 1900 habitants and it is situated at 320 meters on the sea level.

In this territory there is an important winery called “Società Agricola Siddùra SRL” that produces unique and characteristic wines of Sardinia. Siddùra is placed in a natural paradise with secular cork woods and a wild landscape rich of fragrant scents of Mediterranean vegetation.

It is a land where hills protect vegetation from winter winds and sea breezes temper the summer heat. The territories of Siddùra vineyards are a combination of granite, clay and sand and the most of them are dry.

The winery produces three different white wines and four red ones. Maìa, Spèra and Bèru are made with “Vermentino” that is the vine with white grapes most widespread in Sardinia. The taste is very intense, sapid and mineral with a straw-yellow color.

The red wines are: E’rema, Bàcco, Fòla and Tìros. There are two types of vine with red grapes “Cannonau” and “Cagnulari”, the first one has a color not too intense so it is able to create fruity wines. However, “Cagnaluri” germinates late and  its wines have a red intense color with a pronounced acidity.