An exploration of the fabulous Höpler winery #wine #austria #höpler



Höpler wine estate, placed in the small village of Breitenbrunn, in the Austrian State of Burgenland, has 46 hectares, whose 50% white wine, 45% red wine and 5% sweet wine.

The Pannonian climate, with hot summers and temperate winters, is the optimal condition to allow the growth of good quality grapes, all hand-picked. The soil, composed by different rocks such as clay, limestone and gravel, gives to wines special characteristics.

Exquisite quality of Blaufränkish, St. Laurent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes perfectly ripe with their particular flavors.

Gradual implementations of technology in the winery are determining evolution of wine production since 2005.

The property has several wine rooms: Aroma room, Treasure room, Sound room, Tasting room etc, where you have the opportunity to gradually discover the world of wine and sharpen your senses. After this unique experience you can go to the cellar and buy wines you have tasted at a completely convenient price.

The company produces world renowned wines: superb reds, fine whites and special sweet wines.

In particular, we have been fascinated by Pinot White, a light yellow wine, very juicy and mouth-filling. It has the unique flavor of the Chinese fruit lychee, mixed with ananas aroma that make it inimitable.

It suits well with white meat and Asian dishes.

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