Identita’ golose 2016: protagonist “The Strength of Freedom”


_DSC1121_copia1More than 100 chefs from Italy and the whole world once again together as protagonists on the stage of IDENTITÀ GOLOSE invited to confront on “The Strength of Freedom”. A great opportunity for networking and deeply debating the value of creativity and conviviality.

Internationally renowned chefs (among them Matthew Kenney founder of the most important school of raw vegan cuisine in the world, and Margarita Forés best woman chef for the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) and several among the most representative Italian chefs (Massimiliano Alajmo, Massimo Bottura, Moreno Cedroni, Enrico Crippa, Niko Romito…) are expected. Four new subjects to investigate (Identità di Caffé, Identità di Formaggio, Identità di Panettone and Identità di Champagne) in the program and then time for the excellence of wine with the Merano WineAward. Last but not least a great opportunity dedicated to all the enthusiasts: the Scuola di Identità Golose, l’ABC della cucina d’autore (The School of Identità Golose, the ABC of haute cuisine) with the support of Arte del Convivio.

The 12th edition of Identità Golose, international congress of haute cuisine and pastry-making which will be held in Milan from Sunday 6th to Tuesday 8th March at the Mi-Co Milano Congressi, via Gattamelata 5 will be clearly eventful.

The subject of the 2016 edition is “The strength of freedom”: a thorough debate on the value of creativity and conviviality put to a hard test by the tensions our planet is experiencing. Reacting means also increasing cultural and technological exchanges in the kitchens and restaurants all over the world. Which has always been the aim of Identità Golose.

After all, cuisine has always been culture, freedom to exchange products, search for new tastes, contamination with the best of different civilizations and diets. Curiosity, the joy for a new recipe, the dream of those who want to innovate or are open to the new and undergo the judgment of the public hoping to be appreciated have to be defended. This is why the icon dish of the congress couldn’t but be To Bee or not to Bee (clever and playful garnished tripe recalling a beehive) created by Cristina Bowerman, chef of Glass Hostaria in Rome.

On Sunday March 6th the opening of the congress was entrusted to Davide Scabin, provoking and perfectionist chef who always succeeds in proposing contents going beyond the dish. During the opening day of the congress among the meetings with foreign cuisines we pointed out the new Spanish vanguard represented by Ricard Camarena who is considered the new shining star of the Iberian cuisine after-El Bulli; from the Basque Country Josean Alija the “cocinero vegetal” heading the Nerua restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao will return to Milan; from Venezuela we expect Carlos Garcia leader of a renewed national pride which also goes through the rediscovery of the Venezuelan culinary identity.

The first day in the auditorium ended up with a debate entitled: “The star: is it an impossible dream for pizza?” The standard bearers of Italian quality pizza will talk about the matter: Renato Bosco, Enzo Coccia, Massimo Giovannini, Simone Padoan, Franco Pepe and Gino Sorbillo.

On Sunday an event signed S.Pellegrino which took the cue from the international talent show S.Pellegrino Young Chef will be added to the debates. It is a meeting called “Cultivating the talent” during which the subject of the debate was the relation between great masters and young chefs. Among the guests who will take part to the debate there will be Davide Oldani, Andrea Berton, Annie Feolde, Riccardo Monco, Alessandro Negrini, Cristina Bowerman, Matteo Baronetto and Paolo Griffa.

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