Cannonau Fòla Siddùra winning Gold at the Berlin Wine Trophy

A Cannonau back on the roof of Europe.

fola-wine-pageThe Fòla 2014 of winery Siddùra of Luogosanto (Sardinia) triumphed at the international Berlin Wine Trophy, which took place a few days ago in the German capital.

The 185 jurors selected Cannonau Doc Siddùra, result of native grapes, as one of the best red in the world by giving the gold medal. Fòla repeating the success of two years ago when he netted a brace on German soil with the golds won at the Berliner and Mundus Vini concours.

In the edition of the Berlin Wine Trophy 2016, which has just ended, 5785 wines were evaluated. Nearly 70 percent of the samples submitted have been positively evaluated by the judges with the attribution of points: a result that usually configures the award of a medal. The Rules of Procedure of the OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, however, permits the allocation of awards to only 30 percent of the samples submitted.

For this reason the jury have had to make a further selection choosing the most brilliant international oenology excellence. In addition to the gold Cannonau in purity Fòla, Siddùra brings home two silver medals with the Vermentino di Gallura Maia and Sangiovese TIROS. “The new gold medal Fòla is a recognition for our work but also a great victory for the Sardinian native vine and consequently to Sardinia – commented Massimo Ruggiero, CEO of Luogosanto winery – win such an important prize in Germany is a significant achievement because the German public is very selective. ” In the coming weeks Siddùra will attend the prestigious Dusseldorf Prowein and the Vinitaly in Verona.

 Marco Lucentini