Nett: a tradition based on innovation! #Palatinate #wine #Germany


“Each wine and each vintage has its own personality, its own character and its own history.”

The winery is placed in the wine hamlet called Duttweiler, that is in the heart of the magnificent region Palatina where we can admire the typical Mediterranean landscapes.

The winery was created in 1838 and today the Nett family is arrived at its fifth generation and it continues the wine production in the respect of tradition, with the utilization of new innovative techniques.

The Nett philosophy is work in respect of nature and it is properly this to give different times of work. The biggest challenge is to emphasize potentiality, individuality and the qualities of each vineyard in the Nett territory.

In their wine cellars where tradition meets innovation in a harmonious and equilibrate way, there is the tranquility to give wine the pleasure of time. All that starts with the soft pressing of grapes and with fermentation until the sweet aging of fresh wine through bottling.

Tradition also means innovation!
As the historic ancestor Heinz Bergdolt-Reif has done at the beginning of his job career, in 2011 the winery created the Horsepower, a new work method. In fact, Nett manages some of its best vineyards exclusively through the work of horses because this traditional method softens ground allowing it to breath.

This guarantees a superior quality for grapes and gives wine an unique character.

A fantastic wine we tasted from this wine estate:

Riesling Trocken Pfalz 2013: among all wines produced by the Nett winery, we prefer the Riesling Trocken because it is really a dry wine, very long with a fantastic aging potential.