Cantina Menti Giovanni, biodynamic quality

The hills of Gambellara were cultivated with vines Schiava “a palo secco” since the time of Ezzelino da Romano (sec. XIII) and produced a famous sweet white wine on the slopes of the castle of San Marco and Montesello. The Schiava vines was for at least two to three centuries the predominant grape variety of the foothill areas of feudal lands of Trissino and Sarego.

Family business that has its roots in the territory since the nineteenth century in Gambellara in the province of Vicenza, the cellar Menti Giovanni handles about 7.5 hectares of vineyards planted with Garganega and Durella, sites in the classic Gambellara hills. These grapes produce dry white wines, sparkling white and sparkling, and sweet white wines from resin fruits.

rivaarsiglia20131-142x500From the care of the vineyard to the bottling process (sparkling wine included), everything is done by Giovanni and his son Stefano. We speak of vineyards treated with the biodynamic method and in cellar are preferred spontaneous yeast and not used oenological invasive, to better maintain the characterization of the terroir of the vineyards.

We tasted

  • Omomorto Sui Lieviti 2014, this wine presents a blend of 98.5% Durella and 1.5% Garganega. The vintage is done by hand in early October. Fermentation takes place entirely with natural yeastsomomorto-2014-158x500 and temperature control. The wine is intense yellow color with a fruity and Buquet , great with seasoned cheese.
  • Riva Arsiglia 2013, wine from 100% Garganega grapes. After harvesting carried in crates, the grapes to the cellar are loaded in whole press and pressed at 0.6 bar. Fermentation takes place entirely with natural yeasts and temperature control. Subsequently, the wine stays in tank with its lees for at least a year. Bottled without stabilization. It has a dull yellow. The nose gives off hints of pear and vanilla. Ideal accompanied with pasta dishes, ham, and cheeses.