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We are in Sicily and more precisely in the “Terre della Baronia” terroir at 400 m. above sea level in the heart of Sicily, on the hills north east of Campobello di Licata (Agrigento). Right here are the 75 hectares of vineyards owned by Milazzo family.

These climatic characteristics but also morphological and hilly terrain that integrate, in wines, finesse and aromatic freshness, as well as the maturity and structure guaranteed by a climate still inserted in a Mediterranean setting.

150 years of history on growing grapes that, at the end of the sixties, Giuseppe Milazzo has turned into a research and innovation aimed at excellence.
In cultivation the use of machinery is relegated to only use of the tractors for the management of the ground between the rows, while in the row weeds are eradicated with manual hoeing. In cultivation it is used exclusively to the use of organic fertilizers to ensure the genuineness of the product and protect the aquifers from possible alterations.

The pruning is performed exclusively by hand as well as the selected harvest that takes place exclusively with the use of cassettes to about 14 kg which are thoroughly washed after each use. The grapes harvested in the individual boxes are immediately transferred to the cellar. The same boxes are then stored in chill rooms at a controlled temperature.img_gal_140974970073-27

The tasting

Terre della Baronia Rosso Sicilia DOP 2012, it is a wine composed primarily ofNero d’Avola with a part of Perricone. As for the vinification the grapes are harvested in small boxes of 14 kg approximately, in polyphenolic maturity reached. Subsequently they undergo stemming and thermo conditioned, and conveyed to a fermentation cold maceration for 24-48 hours.

It is aged in stainless steel tanks and partly in French oak barrels, first pass, where it rests for about 12 months. After this period, the product is left to mature for about three years in barrels of tanks at controlled temperature.

It has a deep red almost purple. The nose is very inviting with hints of cherry, licorice, coffee, chocolate and vanilla. The mouth is soft and sweet. Tannins of great quality, long persistence. the table is combined with pasta dishes with meat and vegetables, grilled meats, roasts, matured cheeses.
We discovered the wine estate with the marketing manager Luisa Culle: