Courelas da Torre, the Portuguese organic wine #wine #Portugal #organic


Courelas da Torre, is a Portuguese organic wine which was born in the Vineyards of Redondo, Évora (Portugal), a land whose “terroir alentejano” enchants for the fullness and elegance of its plain and sandy fields. This wine is characterized by being produced from grapes that are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and it is handpicked to guarantee its excellence.

It also has a very impressive ruby colour, an aroma of forest fruits and subtle notes of chocolate and spices. The palate is rich and elegant with ripe tannins and a smooth but persistent finish.

It is ideal to serve with meat, cheeses and sausages. The serving temperature should be of 16° C to 18 ° C.

This year, Courelas da Torre has obtained the Gold PAR award (Product Analysis Ranking) 2015, an award which prevents the subconscious influence of prejudices and fosters neutrality of each and every wine taster; provides a decided improvement in the quality of wine evaluation for awards as well as quality control and finally serves the improvement of perception of wine tasting results.



Patricia Fernández Ruiz.