WIM Association welcomes two new members #wine #campaign #moderation



The Dutch Association of Wine Merchants (KVNW) joins WIM Association as effective member and is nominated as the WIM national coordinator in the Netherlands. At the same meeting, the French Federation of Aperitif Wines (FFVA) has also joined the WIM Association as Observer Member.

Both Associations have presented their respective Wine in Moderation to encourage moderation and responsibility and contribute in the reduction of alcohol-related harm.

Responsible for the coordination, accountability and growth of the Wine in ModerationProgramme, WIM Association now counts 15 Effective members and 3 Observers members. Structured Wine in Moderation Programmes are implemented by the national WIM coordinators in 9 countries around Europe and S. America, and actions are developed in more than 20 countries worldwide with the support of the WIM Ambassador Companies, European Associations and other Partners.

Already very much involved in the fight against alcohol-related harm through their participation in several initiatives, KVNW becomes the national coordinator of the WIM programme in The Netherlands and will be responsible for the planning, coordination, implementation and accountability of WIM in its country.


While Vin et Société acts as National Coordinator in France, FFVA will be supporting and further taking action to encourage moderation and responsibility in France. With members such as Grandes Marques de Porto already well-experienced with the WIM programme, FFVA is looking to further spread the message of moderation and responsibility.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.