Cirque grenache gris 2014 #grenache #france #wine #roussillon

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The Cirque Grenache gris 2014 is a wine from the Catalan coast, from the Languedoc-roussillon vineyards.
The Tautavel wine-growers take care of this traditional variety grenache gris next to the Vingrau village.

The label sketches a Mediterranean climate landscape where, next to the chalky-clay cirque, lay vineyards that have been cultivated since Roman times.

This wine has an IGP appellation Côtes Catalanes (Indication Géographique Protégée), evidence of this wine-variety’s authenticity.

We had the occasion to taste this refreshing wine. Its visual appearance shows a light wine robe, with a gold green reflection. The nose is delicate, fresh and sour. When we taste, we feel a little of white peach. The aroma reveals itself  in a second time : the wine has a floral aftertaste.

It is a light,  summery, feminine wine that we particularly advice to accompany shellfish.

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Anastasiya Tretyak