Brouilly 2013. Château de Grandmont. #france #beaujolais #wine


The Brouilly 2013 Château de Grandmont is an organic wine produced in the Beaujolais region, in Blacé

The label showing a beautiful castle with a bucolic background is not just a selling point.
The wine is made  in a familial property located in the Grandmont hamlet. Originally, monks of Prieuré started to occupy the hamlet in the XIIthe century until year 1769, when Louis XV decided to dissolve this religious order.
At the top of the hill stands a church, built in he 19th century. The depicted castle was also built in the 19th.

This wine has an appellation “agriculture biologique” and testifies of a will to protect the ecosystem. The followed objective is to maintain the natural grounds richness, among others by adopting an ancestral method of fighting against pests.


Brouilly 2013 is an AOC (appelation d’origine contrôlée).
The grape variety is a gamay noir with white juice. The wine has a generous and silky taste. It is of a dark ruby colour, it has a delecate spicy nose with wild berries accents. When we taste, we feel little red fruit with slight tannins.  It’s a fantastic wine with red meet of sausages. We loved il a lot !

Anastasiya Tretyak