“Volcanic Wines of Italy” will kick off on May 7th at the Chandos House in London. This event will be dedicated to whites wine of volcanic origin and organized from Consorzio of Soave and the Association of Volcanic doc.


4 TThe event, which is the London event of Vulcania, international forum of white wines from the volcanic soil, requires the presence of more than fifty Italian wineries.

Initially reserved for the press and industry operators, Volcanic Wines of Italy will also opens the door for consumers and wine enthusiasts who will be able to taste Soave wine and other with the purpose of tasting and  researching the different organoleptic characteristics of each of them.

The choice of London for this new event is not a hazard: the English market is the second most important market for Soave wine. In fact 24% of production goes to UK. 30% are bought from Germany, which remains in first place. Moreover, in recent times, mainly due to the Decanter magazine and its italian correspondent Monty Waldin, the british press has become increasingly interested in the wines of the volcans.

“The London meeting is a very important day. For some of the producers, it  is an opportunity2013-04-12T133356Z_929459037_GM1E94C1NUT01_RTRMADP_3_ITALY for a pleasant return, for many others it is only a first step to create curiosity for the Soave wines”. – Stated Arturo Stocchetti, president of the Consortium of Soave. He stated further: 

“Once again, volcans wines is a winning topic: the waiting list ois long for our seminar and also for tasting. This drives us to do even better and to believe we have the right project. “

Massimo Paccagnella