Recently, I met Lidia MATERA, a passionate female wine grower who loves her terroir, in de IGT “Valle del Crati”



I particularly enjoyed her “ALARICO”, a wine labeled IGT “Valle del Crati” because the Calabrian region was not yet granted a DOC. This wine is captivating, powerful, round  with a fabulous nose. This wine is a dream. It shows the power generated by the Calabrian soil, it is sweet, delicious and radiates across the mouth of the taster. The two used grape sorts are Nerello Capuccio and  Mascalese,  two indigenous varieties of this wine region. Alarico is a wine that has aged for several months in new oak, but the wood is well integrated and produces very balanced flavor.


Alongside this wine, Lidia also uses the  grape sort  Magliocco dolce in the development of another wine, more flexible, lightweight but very fruity: “Cariglio” . It has many qualities and is also delicious.

The cantina can easily be found on the internet.

Please, when you meet Lidia, make an effort to speak with her because her Italian is worth trying: poetic, charming and beautiful.