The Ambassador of the Czech republic made a great event yesterday in Brussels to present Czech republic as a great wine country.

Different wines were there to be tasted and doucmentation was given about czech winemaking.

Winemaking in Czech republic is very old, since the middle ages and, although wine production decreased due to the phylloxera crisis in the 19th century, winemaking in Czech republic is now expanding due to the help of the czech state to independant wine growers.

There are two principal wine regions: Bohemia and Moravia.

In Bohemia, there are two subregions: the Melnicka wine region  and the Litomericka wine region In Moravia, there are four subregions: the Znojemska subregion, the Mikuovska wine subregion, the Velkopavlovicka subregion and the Slovacka subregion.

The main producted wines are white. They are more adapted to this continental climate but red grape sorts are also present.

Rivers, hills and valleys compose most of the czech wine regions and the climate has an average temperature of about 10° over the whole year. Grapesorts are, from a long time, adapted to this climate and there are autochtonous grape sorts as more general grape sorts.

The white grape sorts are: müller thurgau, grüner veltliner, welschriesling, rielsing italico, pinot blanc, sauvignon blanc, traminer, pinot gris, traminer, neubruske, moravian muscat, palava, muscat ottonel, sylvaner. The red grape sorts are: saint-laurent, pinot noir, dornfelder, blauer portugieser, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet moravia, merlot, neronet, rubinet.

We were pleased by the fineness and high quality of these czech wines.