This year, the Louis XV is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

“My encounter with Monaco was a magical and important moment in my life. It is here between France and Italy that I have concentrated my Rivieras. Today, I know that this region that serenades the sun has inspired all my cooking. Its strength and honesty are drawn from the earth.” Alain DUCASSE

Launching a year of celebration, a very special birthday menu will be inaugurated this spring, on 22 March, a perfect illustration of the Louis XV cuisine: sincere, well tuned, respectful and delicious. An event that will be the cause for a worldwide celebration from Alain Ducasse’s chefs, who will pay tribute to essential cuisine by adding an especially created Mediterranean-inspired dish to their menu; others will chose the Louis XV signature dessert: le Baba au rhum comme à Monte-Carlo.

A journey to the heart of the Rivieras … Inspiring and inspired

In May 1987, Mr. Ducasse opens the doors to the Louis XV. Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Monte-Carlo SBM entrust him with the daunting task of turning the Louis XV into the first hotel restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, and as a deadline, he is given a maximum of four years. Against all odds, only thirty-three months later, Alain DUCASSE -33 years old at the time – wins the challenge: three stars are awarded to the restaurant. The momentum is gathering, yet the adventure has only just begun. On the Casino Square, the Hôtel de Paris is home to the Louis XV. The moment the client exits the revolving door, they are plunged into the history of this legendary Palace, so evocative of the elegant splendor of the Belle Époque. Those seeking culinary emotions are naturally drawn towards the Louis XV. Then begins a journey where time stands still. The sumptuous Versailles-inspired dining room, frescoes, velvet, chandeliers and large mirrors, the fine bone china, crystal and vermillion … Inside this dazzling setting, the service evolves, a discreet ballet of an attentive staff, entirely dedicated to the 50 guests.

A tribute anniversary menu

The menu imagined by Alain Ducasse, Franck Cerutti and Dominique Lory to celebrate the 25 years of the Louis XV simultaneously pays tribute to Nature, who within it, presents all its treasures, and to those who are its modest craftsmen. During his years as an apprentice to Michel Guérard, Roger Vergé and Alain Chapel, Alain Ducasse has retained what has become the cornerstone of his culinary philosophy: to exalt the truth in all products without impairing them, searching for the source of the flavor. The cook only interprets with measure and humility what Nature has offered. It is this simple story that the chef has written throughout the years at the Louis XV. As a lover of life and Nature, the chef declares his unconditional passion for the produce. He apposes his hallmark onto masterfully orchestrated cuisine, uniquely inspired and simplified in appearance.

“Because a restaurant is above anything, a place to eat” says Alain Ducasse, adding that we owe it to ourselves to “give back to technique its true and unique role: to reveal the flavors of nature.”