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Wines from the East: Romania #wine #east #Romania


Romania has a great wine tradition couvered by the excellent wines that it produces, some of which have won several international awards.

Some of the most famous and local variety are the called Grassa Cotnari, Feteasca alba or Feteasca regala. These are the variety of white golden yellow grape from which the best Romanian wines are elaborated.

Besides having their own types of grapes, the good Romanian climate and its geographical position have also allowed the perfect acclimatization of foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, etc. Thanks to that, high quality wines are produced in the country.

Cotnari vineyards are the most famous in the country and here are produced the marketed brands Tamáioasa, Fráncusa, Feteasca Alba. Some other famous Romanian wine brands that should be taken into account are Aligote,  Riesling, Feteasca Neagra (red wine) or Mutfarlar.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz

Romania, a great country of wines #romania #wines


Romania is definitely a great country of wines.  At the heart of the Carpathian Mountains have always been great and extensive plantings of vines. Romania is among the 15 largest producers of wine with eight wine regions and is 6th class in Europe, after France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal. Romania also ranks 5th among European wine countries, with an area of ​​183 400 hectares of vines in 2010.

Romanian wine, even if it is sweet, dry, semi-dry or semi-sweet still has a certain charm that is enjoyed not only by Romanians but also by the wine lovers around the world. The country has indigenous varieties which distinguish as Feteasca Neagra (red) and dried plum taste or Feteasca Alba and Tamaioasa (white). The cellars “Beciul Domnesc” are the largest wine cellar in Romania, with a collection of over 100,000 bottles, the oldest of which dates to 1949. Although it seems hard to believe, Romanian’s wines are appreciated and are purchased by foreign investors.

In the evolution in recent years, the wine market in Romania is surprising, because it has evolved better than other economic sectors. Factors that have contributed to this situation are numerous, for example the development of retail, the appearance of the Internet, foreign investment in the area. Over the past 25 years, the Romanian wine has developed in several stages: the wines, brands, assortments ,. This has directly influenced the preferences of Romanian consumers and revolutionized the tastes and dictated the trends.