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Just launched the first label of “Ludwig von Barth Barthenau Vigna Roccolo“, wine from the oldest particle of Pinot Nero of the Barthenau estate in the Mazzon area (Alto adige, Italy)

ea457adccaa9e569cff05de9b4f3b04d_SAfter inextricably linked his name to the Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer vines, producer Martin Foradori Hofstätter comes on the market with another selection: Pinot Noir “Ludwig von Barth Barthenau Vigna Roccolo”. For decades Foradori Hofstätter family cultivates with great passion and skill this noble varieties: with this new label were underlined the nuances of the oldest of the Mazzon area vineyard.

The vineyard from which the wine takes its name, in fact, is in the heart of Mazzon, while the term “Roccolo” reminiscent of the classic tower. It is the oldest vineyard in Mazzon, from the same period of the historical Ludwig von Barth Barthenau, dating from the late 19th century and re-planted by Martin Foradori Hofstätter grandfather in 1942. The Roccolo Vine is still cultivated today with the classic South Tyrolean Pergola and now thanks to the old age of the strains, the yield per hectare is never more than 35 hectoliters per hectare.

Following the tradition in Hofstätter distinguish its Cru and make them unmistakable, the label in addition to the cadastral name even brings the mention “Vigna” particle. This endorsement in South Tyrol guarantees the provenance of the wine from a well-defined particle, also a further guarantee of its origin.

The Pinot Noir and the Mazzon area are closely related to Foradori Hofstätter family. In the late 30’s, the grandfather of Martin purchased three farms with adjoining land by the descendants of Ludwig von Barth Barthenau. The latter was a chemist with the chair in Vienna and in the nineteenth century, he brought the Pinot Noir in the vineyards on the plateau of Mazzon.

In 1959 Paolo Foradori, father of Martin, vinificated his first wine from Pinot Noir. This in contrast with otherea457adccaa9e56_S manufacturers in Alto Adige, where, at that time, dominated the grape variety Schiava. The successes of Paul Foradori soon have influenced the decisions of neighboring tenants, which in turn have concentrated their forces on this grape. Today the Mazzon area is one of the few wine-growing areas of Alto Adige, dominated by a vine while in other areas it still relies on different types. At Mazzon, however, there is almost exclusively focuses on the variety that gives the best fruits.

Thanks to the work of Foradori Hofstätter family, the famous plateau name Mazzon has thus become synonymous with excellence in the production of Pinot Noir. With the harvest of 2012 is born this new label, intended to further underline the relationship of the family with this great vine worldwide.

Marco Lucentini